Thursday, May 13, 2010

A long winter, a short spring....

Yes a short spring. One would think that after a period of hibernation, it should be time to be outside and chat with neighbors, go for long walks, play in the dirt.

But for residents of Maine, especially those who do not live on the coast, our springs are short. Really only a couple of weeks between frozen ground and the next season that overwhelms even the strong hearted. This does not leave much time to get the work done. This season is known as BLACK FLY SEASON!!!...are you trembling with fear yet?

Black fly season begins innocently enough. A few here and there. But then, one day, regardless of how nice and breezy and sunny the day, their population EXPLODES and you are inhaling black flies with every breath. These nasty critters love to fly around your head. They are attracted to you by the Co2 that you exhale. You could stop breathing but that would be counter productive.

I've lived in Maine for almost 20 years. I discovered the fearsome black fly when I moved north from Portland to Orono Maine. But my short stay in Orono did not prepare me for a true black fly season. I was told more than once that after a while one grows immune to the black fly. This does not mean that they stop biting you, only that the bites do not get as inflamed as when you are first exposed to the nasties.

There are many potions that keep these critters away from you briefly. But really there is only one garment to wear.

My Thanks to Tristan for modeling. You are a good sport!


Kelly said...

I can't agree more. Those darn things take a little chunk of skin with them when they go. I take great joy in smashing their litle bodies to a smudge. Oh, I think I should work on these anger issues of mine. ;)
Thanks for the idea of felting the wool into rugs. We can't wait for that. A friend lent Alex a drum carder today and she is so excited.

Wendy said...

Blackflies, apparently, don't live this far south, or this close to the ocean ;). We have mosquitoes, but from the few encounters I've had the black flies, I happen to know that mosquitoes are like gnats by comparison.

I love your innovation, though. We have some friends who live in Temple, and that's what they use, too ;).

Robj98168 said...

tristan is going to set off a whole new fashion look!!!

Kathy said...

Oh, black fly season is just so buggy ... buggy here, buggy there, buggy you! I haven't visited since that last time in May ... because of the black flies. I think where you are is where they take up permanent post frost/pre frost residence.

Love the hat. Have one myself for the occasional black fly season here.