Thursday, May 20, 2010

Daydream Believer

Yesterday, Evan and I drove to Farmington to visit Mark for Evan's Birthday. We had some extra time on our hands so we took some lovely back roads to our new home.

Our new home. In a quiet, country glade:)

A small orchard of a dozen mixed fruit trees. It will need a little rehabilitation but we should enjoy some fruit this fall.Woo-hoo! Also, there is lots of open space for our sheep to graze. Although I think we will have to fence in the garden to keep the wild beasties from eating it.

This is the field stone hearth where our wood stove will go. Because the house is passive solar and earth -bermed we should not need to use more than a cord or 2 a winter. Saving us money and work.

Evan in the kitchen. There is a lot of dark wood in the house. We will live with it for a little while until we decide if some of it should be painted or replaced. The house was built in the 1970's and some of the original features have that flavor to it. But being a child of 70's myself if feels like home;)

In the kitchen is a slate sink with a handpump to a dug well. There is also a drilled well with an electric pump. This house was originally built as an off-grid home. The current owner put in basic electric. Over the long run we would like to move off grid.
When we got home we got a call from the person who was going to rent our home. She has decided on another place. Which is okay, someone else will come along. Moving early was our plan B so we have time now to build a shelter for the sheep and move slowly into the home.
Also, speaking of plan B. Mark was able to sign a teaching contract for one more year. We are so grateful for this coming year. Next years school budget does not bode very well. So we will be grateful for this year and worry about next year when it comes. In the meantime, we have Time to get established, ponder our many alternatives to employer based income. We have time to dream.


Ellen said...

The house and surroundings are beautiful! Congratulations on the year contract, it will make the transition easier and who knows what next year will bring.


Julie said...

Oh, I love it! I just found your bog, btw, so Hello!

Wendy said...

Yes! So good to hear about Mark's teaching contract [insert delighted squeal ;)].

The house looks awesome! I'm hoping for the time to take our house off-grid. I guess time will tell :).

Wendy said...

Congrats on the year of breathing room! The house looks wonderful!

Anonymous said...

LOVE your new home.. it looks so comfy and quiet there. Congrats on the new contract..

Robj98168 said...

That house is so cool. I definetely can see evan and the teen growing there! And Yeah for Mark's contract!

The Polar Bear said...

your place looks so lovely. just from the pictures it has such a great feel. i like the seventies look! and the hand pump. so cool. congrats.

Kathy said...

What a beautiful spot to be ... it looks so peaceful and comfortable. There is something to be said for stepping back in time a bit. Comfort, peace, contentment.

Looks great! Did you buy or rent?