Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Prodigal Cat

Returns! Covered in burs, hungry but in true feline fashion ...not too humble. Thankyou for all your good wishes!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sad news

Many members of my family have enjoyed the summer. Evan has enjoyed learning how to fish, Tristan has enjoyed working on a local organic farm and the many blacksmithing opportunities he has been presented with. Mark has had plenty of opportunities to perform music this summer. I have enjoyed quiet mornings in the garden and busy days with the canners. Cheddar dog has enjoyed having all the members of his family around. The sheep have enjoyed grazing in the orchard. And Scruffer cat, my most beloved feline friend, has enoyed some limited and chaperoned time outside.

The other morning we woke to find our front door opened. Scruffer had pried it opened and wandered off. He has not returned. A neighbor has reported that they too have lost a cat 5 days ago. They also saw a fisher cat (a very wild animal) in their yard. We can only hope that his death was swift and that he was not in much pain. His loss is hard for our family. He had the softest fur, a personality that was fickle yet loving.

Our computer is still in the shop with luck it should be up soon.

Peace, Karin