Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Ideas!

I've found a few good ideas that I would like to share with you.  

First, we've planned on building a greenhouse but this little greenhouse might make a nice temporary structure that we could make in a weekend until we are able to make our dream greenhouse.

I will be starting seed soon and I think that I will be making my own starter mix.

And then I dream of starting my seed under something  as smart as this nifty set up( at least until I built my own greenhouse)

I received some yummy Noro Kuryeon yarn for my birthday and plan to knit this entrelac scarf when I finish Hubby's Sweater . I am nearly done with it and will have pictures of pride to share this week.

And Finally it is Saint David's Day; patron saint of Wales.  Hubby made Cawl Cunnin today. Oh yum, yum.  For dessert we had Welsh Cookies.


Pat aka Posh said...

Your green house link didn't show.. can you post it again? I'm really interested in seeing what it looks like because I want one too.

~ Lor said...

Very cool. I've always wanted a greenhouse, but have no room for one. The cookie recipe sounds good - reminds me of little pancakes.

Kathy said...

I like the cookies better than the broth, but you know, homemade is always better than anything!

lizzylanefarm said...

I think these greenhouses will work very well. I have been looking at them all winter myself. Did you see the ones on the net that are sunk in the ground a bit? Using about 3' underground as insulation. I know here with our cold winters if I could talk hubby into starting the backhoe this is what I would like.

Cattle panels around here are running about $25 each, blocks about $1.25 each and a good roll of plastic around $35. How cool is that?

I'm glad to see someone else likes the idea and I'm not crazy to think it would work in such cold.

Hope the baby is feeling better soon.