Monday, March 23, 2009


We had a busy but nice weekend.  On  Saturday,  I went to work at the children's bookstore that I work at a couple of days a month.  Hubby took the wee one and ran errands all day.  We met at closing time to go to my midwife's birthday party.

When I was pregnant with the wee one we decided to try for a homebirth.  Every month of my pregnancy we would take the trip to her home on  a hill. We would drink warm herbal tea, discuss peak oil, gardening, unschooling, parenting and oh yeah...pregnancy.  My pregnancy was a great experience;but alas, the wee one was born in a hospital because he was too big to come the natural way.  

But the relationship with my midwife continues with her yearly pig roast for her past and current clients...and this past weekends celebration of her 50th birthday.

It was a great time.  Her adult children played the music for the contra dance.  Potluck was the menu.  And babies and children everywhere.  Fun, fun, fun.

I realized; while we were there, that there are moments of joy that I find in just watching my children.  This past weekend it was watching my 2 year old running around with all the other kids.  He was just lost in the movement  music and fun; giggling, color rising in his cheeks, engaged in a moment of play that is whole and pure.

It reminded me of a time when the teen and I were at the Common Ground  Fair back in 2003.  I sat on a hill watching teen play with abandon with other kids throwing hay up in the air and at each other while the drums of Inanna ( a woman's drumming group) beat in the back ground.  I had never seen him so lost in the moment, just playing; feeding his wild child, playing with abandon. No rules, no limits, for that moment.  I had the chance to see him do this again when we went to a family wedding this past fall.  I marveled at the fact that he danced all night long whether he had a partner or not.

Sunday, Hubby and I spent the afternoon working on transforming a spare room off of our workshop into a knitting studio for me.  This is a work in progress.  It was a room hubby was going to use to give private music lessons.  Instead it became a dumping ground for STUFF and then a nursery for baby chicks last summer.  Needless to say, it is a big job; but we chip away at it a little at a time.  I hope to be able to have it all set up by this summer and ready to knit for the fall fair season. In the meantime I play with my daydreams about this space.  I think it will make our living space less cluttered because there will not be yarn everywhere.  I will have before and after pictures when it is done.

Did you have a good weekend?


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had quite a lovely weekend..
Do you use a knitting machine? I have one and love it.. am planning on knitting some sweaters for Christmas gifts.

Fleecenik Farm said...

I have 2 knitting machines. Both are singer studios. One for bulky weight yarn and the other for sport weight yarn. I make sweaters, hats and mittens and sell them at an artisans' cooperative and craft fair. I also hand knit and I am learning to spin wool from our sheep.

Our house is so tiny and we would really like to add an addition. But we think that first we need to use the space we have more efficiently before we make the big investment of an addition.

English Animist said...

Sounds like a busy but fun weekend. I envy your knitting skills - something I never mastered. I think it's wise to utilize your space before adding on. Sometimes moving ahead with the addition means you don't really maximize the space you have.


Kathy said...

I did have a good weekend! I spent more time in the front flower beds, although there is still snow on the ground, I suspect not as much as you have.

I cleaned out a vanity, a desk, a dresser, the linen closet and the buffet drawers.

Go out? What's that! LOL

I do hope you get your knitting space up and running in no time.

I know what you mean about those joyous moments when you can watch your children enjoying themselves with complete abandon. I love those moments still.

Anonymous said...

A knitting space sounds so nice. Please be sure to post pictures when you get it done. I have always wanted a craft room But now don't think I would use it. I like to be around everyone and join in on the fun.

Sounds like you had a great weekend hope this one goes as well.


~ Lor said...

Your own studio! How lucky are you!?! Can't wait to see what you'll be creating there. ps..Your sheep are adorable!