Monday, February 23, 2009

Full up with winter blues....

It's official! Milo, Maine received 28 inches of snow last night!  What does 28 inches of snow mean in real life terms?

Last night hubby took the dog for his late night walk around 11pm. He said that it was snowing very heavily but was not too deep.  Around 5 am I woke to the sound of snow falling off our metal roof. When I woke I could not see out my bedroom windows because their view was obstructed with fallen snow.  I could not open either the front or the back door.  I was relieved to have electricity.  I could not; however, find the car buried under the snow.

 Hubby went out at 8:30 to plow our drive, the road in front of our property and our neighbor's drive. It took him 3 hours to plow our drive because he got stuck 4 times.  2 hours for our neighbor's drive, stuck twice. Another neighbor helped my husband to dig the plow truck out of the drive with out success.  And the job is not done yet. We are waiting to hear from a friend and whether he can pull the truck out with his tractor.

In the meantime, the rest of the snow falls off the roof obstructing the entire view of our living room window.  This snow has to be shoveled because there is a vent for the monitor heater there.  If we don't clean it out then ,when the snow melts, we will have too much water in the house. To get to this side of the house the snow shoes need to be donned.  Even then I sink up to my knees in the stuff. 

But, Hubby and I have to tag team this job today because Teen is in Bangor visiting his dad and the wee one has a terrible cold and a temp of 101.1.  

Ahhh winter.... how many days til' Spring?


Pat aka Posh said...

I feel for you.. it reminds me of the time we got one huge snow (not as deep as yours) and our youngest (3 months old) had phenomnia.. we had to figure out how to drive her 30 miles to the hospital. Getting out the driveway was nearly impossible but we made it.
Please take care and stay warm.

Wendy said...

Oh, man! We didn't get nearly as much snow as you guys did, and it was all cleared up by 9:00 the next morning. We didn't lose power at my house, but I understand some of my neighbors in surrounding communities did. I joked it was because we, now, have a generator, and we'll probably never lose power again ;).

It just keeps teasing us, doesn't it? I mean, the maple sap is dripping and I've seen robins, which usually mean SPRING! and then, we get another foot of snow ;).

But, I just sent off my Johnny's Seed order, and hopefully, by the time it gets here, the snow will be melted enough that I can plant some peas ;). We should be placing our chick and duck order soon, and the rabbits are ready to breed.

Hang in there. It IS spring. Now, just to convince the weather ;).

I hope your little one feels better soon.

Fleecenik Farm said...

Yeah, the kicker was we tapped our trees the day before and now we have to dig the taps out. Oy...

The wee one is a little improved today. But we still need to get our plow truck out of the neighbors drive.

The storm that keeps on giving

~ Lor said...

Wow, now that's a lot of snow! Makes for a great excuse to make a cup of hot chocolate, stay in and curl up with a good book.

English Animist said...

Poor you! Hope you are all dug out now. We lost power for the day and overnight but just got power back. I had no problem with just a foot of snow and dug out and plowed by 10 am. I did have to sleep fully clothed in a sleeping bag inside my bed to get through the night though!

Shame about the taps! Spring must be on it's way right?

Kathy said...

Too many days til spring! But soon, soon, soon. I hope.