Monday, March 9, 2009

Bad Goat!

 Leroy Brown Goat has had some spring fever.  The day time Temps have been in the thirties and sunny.  He is our Houdini.  This weekend, he got out of his pen on Saturday morning. Hubby was a way for the weekend, so our kind neighbor came over to help me get back into his pen and reinforce it so that he will stay in it.

Hubby was home by Saturday night. Sunday, that silly goat had figure out how to get out of his pen again.  Again, more reinforcement.

Today he got out and tried to get in with the sheep and got his hoof stuck in the gate. I heard goat cries while trying to get the wee one down for his nap.  Teen went to check on him.  His leg is broken.


Call the vet.  They think they can fix it.  Now is a time when our one car family is not convenient.  We wait for hubby to drive home before we can get him to the vet.  Today, hubby works per diem at a school downeast.  Three hours away.

All this comes on the heels of Ewe Girl's ( aka Button) death.  She died of a prolapsed uterus last week while giving birth to her first lamb. 

Life on the farm is not always so rosey.


Kathy said...

No, not rosey at all. But I've been thinking ... I think your farmer-ish self came from Papa Miller. Do you think?

Fleecenik Farm said...

Yeah, I think I got the farmer gene from PaPa and the gardening gene from Nana. Although days like to day Iam not so sure that's a good thing...

I had fantasies today of hanging out in coffee shops in nice Metroplolitan Portland. Ya know not having to worry about leaving the house before checking myself for animal poo. Walkable community.

But then I looked out the window today and there are all the jugs hanging off Maple trees full of sap. Its been a good start to the sugaring season. And the quart jars and the freezer are still on the shelf a testament to all the hard work last year. It is worth it. I think?

Kathy said...

Oh, it is worth it. There are days when I wish to be where you are, instead of where the coffee shops are plentiful and the noise and polution more so. ;)