Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So let's see....

I quit my job and I get a million dollar retention bonus.  Bonus!

The Federal Government hocked my children's future, so a few guys who helped to collapse the economy, could use it to pad their own personal balance sheets.  Bonus!

Bailout money gets funneled to Goldman Sachs through AIG.  Didn't Goldman Sachs get bailout money already?  Bonus!

Company legal department comes up with some fuzzy math reason for needing to give out the bonuses.   " Really , I had no choice I HAD (wink wink) to take the money" Bonus!

Does anyone think that any of these guys have a clue?  A sense or right and wrong?  A sense of decency? 

Wouldn't you say thanks but no thanks?  


Anonymous said...

They don't know what the word is.. I say it's time we have another tea party and toss all the politicans in the river with lead weights on their feet... no more bail out money means no more bonuses.

the 6 o'clock stitch said...

I'm with ya!

Wendy said...

I think they are all like drowning men grasping at straws trying desparately to keep their heads above water.

I think they've lived so long tweaking the rules to make what they do less "shady" that they no longer have a sense of cultural ethics.

I think they have no honor and no integrity.

I believe strongly in karma, though, and I know that they'll get theirs ;). The only tragedy is that when "it" comes, they'll be blaming everyone, but themselves, for their failed lives. More's the pity.