Wednesday, October 6, 2010


We are discovering the region we live in. Technically, our home is in the foothills of the western Maine Mountains; which, in practical terms, means we are close to the state's skiing region and great hiking. This past weekend we took a drive to Mt. Blue state park to hike Mt. Blue. This was Evan's first big hike. He made it up the mountain mostly on his own. Which is quite an impressive feat (given the huffing and puffing his parents were doing)

Evan did get a ride down. Thank goodness the Ergo has a 90 pound weight limit. Maine really is a beautiful state. This time of year is just amazing!


Anonymous said...

It is just beautiful where you live! I have always wanted to visit Maine, NH, and Vermont. So many trees! Gorgeous!


Wendy said...

I concur - Maine is beautiful ;).

Congrats to Evan on his first hike.