Monday, October 11, 2010

Independence Days Update

The nights are chilly and the house is chilly too. We are trying to hold off as long as possible before starting a fire in the stove. We've had several storms come through that have stripped many of the leaves off the trees in our yard. It is October and chores tend to preparing for winter.

Plant: nothing

Harvest: Kale, Apples, tomatoes, acorn squash

Preserve: Nothing

Local Food: Farmer's Market, Our local feedstore also sells many local meats, veggies and cheeses.

Eat the food: I made a yummy vegetable soup with local sausage, home preserved spinach,corn, home canned tomato and chicken stock, plenty of garlic and onion from our cold room. Still making sourdough bread. But we are also trying other sourdough recipes. This week we tried Sweet Potato Sourdough pancakes.

Waste not: Our neighbor and person we are buying our house from is building a Sap house. He has harvested the wood from his land. He hired a man to come to the work site with a mini-woodmill. The process is amazing and it is going to be a beautiful building when it is done. Anyway a by-product of the milling is slabs of wood with the bark still on them. He is letting us take what we need from this pile to finish off our sheep sheds. There is also enough there to build a small shed for storing our tools in.

Want not: We picked up the pieces for hooking up our woodstove and found that we were just a few inches off from the chimney. A neighbor had a spare piece for us.

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