Monday, March 29, 2010

My boys

This is a common scene around our home, the little brother tagging along with the really big brother. My bookended sons. When I became pregnant with Evan, Tristan was twelve going on thirteen and, as mothers will do, I worried that Tristan would have a hard time not being the only child any longer. For a few of those early teen years we had some rough seas but no real trouble waters. But I remember a conversation with Tristan, while I was pregnant with Evan, in which he asked how old the baby would have to be before they could play Legos together. I can confirm that it took three years for the two join around a pile of plastic bricks.

As for Evan, he loves his big brother. When Tristan is away at his father's house Evan misses his big brother and is always happy when Tristan comes home. With such an age difference I worried that it would be like having two only children but I know that these brothers will be good friends


gardenofsimple said...

I love this. My sons are 11 and 6. That's a big enough age difference for some people, but I want more children. It will be at least a year before we're ready for more so my oldest will be 13 or 14 when our next child is born.

Part of me just accepts that's how it is. We aren't going to have the traditional spacing and that's ok.

Another part of me worries terribly about what kind of sibling relationship they'll have, and if I'm being selfish by wanting more when my others are so much older.

So, I love reading about/seeing other people in a similar non-traditional set up! :D

Robj98168 said...

LOL Your boys seem to make it past the age difference. Cool that teen will get down and play Lego with his brother

Earth Mama said...

That is so sweet. It is sad when the siblings miss the other one when they are away at another parent's. My oldest has a different dad too, the little one always get so so happy to see her when she comes home. Although, now the middle ones are getting older and kind of enjoy being the "oldest" for the weekend.