Wednesday, January 28, 2009

To Do list... Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning?  Well, yes, I am sorta doing the spring cleaning because there will be no time to do the spring cleaning when spring arrives.  Who wants to be indoors when the weather gets Ugh.  

But things pile up, cupboards get cluttered, clothes get outgrown, spiders spin in drafts, dust gathers. The rest of the year is busy with the garden, canning, and holidays.  This is the work of now.  

Taking care of these chores now, makes the summer to do list easier to figure out.  Do we need to build that shelf in the kitchen?  Do we think about building the addition this year or do we take care of another project instead? When we get rid  of the dead dryer in the bathroom do we put a cabinet in its spot or do we put a shelf?

To do:

Clean off the top of the refridgerator, clean the inside of the fridge and freezer.

Organize the cupboards in the bathroom.

Move knitting machines and accessories into spare room off the workshop. Set up knitting studio.

Make bread, yogurt, cook up some winter squash.

Find a way to keep the kitchen counter by the back door from become a catchall for EVERYTHING.  Ugh clutter ...

Finish painting the freecycle dresser I found for the teen and put on the handles.

Sew window quilts for the back door and front door.

Make a bulk food order for buying club.

Well, that seems more than enough to keep me busy.


Anonymous said...

I agree that this is the time of year to spring clean.. I've been working on mine since the first of the year... and those 'catch all' places by the back door occurs here too. Drives me crazy trying to keep it cleared.
Have fun today and don't work too hard.

Fleecenik Farm said...

Well, I'm not working too hard. I got the top of the fridge cleared , yogurt made and pumpkin baked. some one gets ready for his nap soon and then the real elbow grease kicks in...