Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Year!

I hope your holidays have been full of cheer!  We had a very nice quiet and simple Christmas. Hubby had the last 2 weeks off from school. Most of the holiday break has been filled with snowshoeing and soup.

I enjoy the idea of New Year's  Resolutions even if they are not continued through out the whole year. Why? Well, I think it is the promise of change. I think that in some small way  you gain some benefit from a New Year's Resolution even if you end up not committing to the whole idea. Even if the lesson learned is to make more attainable goals. For example, last year I resolved to do some sort of exercise every day.  All winter long I either walked or did yoga. When spring came some of the awareness waned but I was busy in the garden and was active. But now I am where I was last winter and will be more conscience of be active every day.

In that vein I have some lofty goals and some simple goals for the next year.

First, I am going to gather all the little pieces that have someone's phone number on them and rewrite the master phone list and update my address book. Simple goal.

Second, I am going to have my seed order to Fedco planned by January 15. Simple goal.

Third, I am going to renew the activity goal.  I am going to do some exercise every day. Moderately difficult goal.  I will try to be active everyday through the winter when it is so easy to stay in a comfy chair by the woodstove. So I will keep the climbing frog going until I have a good habit in place again. Besides, he is fun to look at:)

Fourth, I received the cookbooks Nourishing Traditions and Laurel's Kitchen for Christmas. Both are great cookbooks that will help me to continue my journey towards more wholesome cooking. So I resolve to eat more whole grains by weaning out refined sugars and refined wheat products . I resolve to eat more locally by exploring traditional methods of food preservation such as lacto- fermentation.  This will take diligence during times when life gets busy.  So moderately difficult goal but it just takes planning.

Fifth, The wee one turns three this May. Momma is needing to wake up from the baby years. I resolve to take more time for myself and take care of the self more. This might include time to get a regular hair cut, time out with friends, a quiet walk by myself on those days that might be a little overwhelming. I need to feed the soul more. So this might be difficult at times when Hubby is working extra days this coming semester and it is not so easy to get away from the house. But I am going to try hard because I really need this.

I think that is enough. What about you? Do you have any resolutions?


Wendy said...

I resolve to finish the novel I started in November ;).

English Animist said...

Good luck with the resolutions. I agree - they are worth stating just to keep us thinking of them. I have posted a few to keep me thinking.

Wishing you and your family, health and happiness in 2009. It will be challenging but I think we can make it fulfilling none the less.

Emma said...

what good resolutions! what great goals. Important to care botth for body and soul, you are quite right about that.

I have some thoughts of resolutions this year. Keep up the body exercise I started in fall. Reed all the books I'm dreaming about starting. Intensify the gardening at my alotment garden. And my lifefriend and I are going to try to get pregnant!

Good luck to you and me!

Fleecenik Farm said...

Wendy- Good for you on the novel. I look forward to reading it one day!

Animist, Good luck with your own resolutions!

Emma, Wow a baby on the way! That is so great! Blessings!