Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seed Order

In the spirit of keeping with my New Year's Resolutions, I have inventoried my current garden seed and made a list of what I will need for the coming growing season.

What I need to get: carrot seed, rutabaga, onion, corn,pop corn, acorn squash, butternut sqaush, pie pumpkin, large pumpkin for pig feed, bell pepper, hot pepper and greens.

I hit the Fedco tent at the Common Ground Fair this past fall and picked up many packs of seeds on sale. I buy my seed from mostly local seed companies Fedco and Pinetree Garden Seed.  I also like to put in a small order to Seeds of Change.

here is my list for Fedco:

Ashworth organic OP sweet corn ( 72 days)

Golden Bantam organic OP sweet corn (85 days)

Pennsylvania Dutch Butter popcorn (102 days)

Table queen Acorn squash

Ponca baby butternut squash

Long Pie Pumpkin

Connecticut Field pumpkin

Scarlet Nantes carrots

Peacework bell peppers

Early jalepeno pepper

Alisa Craig onion

From Pinetree I ordered:

Toothache plant



Black hollyhock

cleriac large prague

rutabaga Laurentian

onion south port red globe 

rattlesnake pole bean

Jacob's cattle dry bean

Cabbage Brunswick

Hopi red dye amaranth


All varieties are Open pollinated and heirloom to increase my ability to save seed this year.  It is our hope to provide some feed for our animals by our own efforts which is why we are growing 2 varieties of sweet corn and field pumpkin.  I am also working to build a medicinal herb garden and perhaps a garden for natural dyes.  We will be ordering some berries and some pear trees from Fedco as well so we can take advantage of their tree sale in the spring.

Only 74 days until spring!!!


Posh And Trendy Frugal Living said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog... I've been enjoying reading yours too.
Speaking of seeds.. I really need to get on the ball and start ordering mine.. I've promised our backyard to our youngest daughter for her planting and I'll be buying most of the seeds..
Can't wait for spring. I'll be blogging about our urban garden very soon (I hope)

lizzylanefarm said...

Awesome seed list! I have been looking at Pinetree Gardens also, they are so close to me (I’m in NH). What a nice selection and your list just might have helped me narrow my list down a bit. Alot of my choices are the same as yours. I’m counting the days too. And the days until I can order my Java chicks!

Have a great day!

Fleecenik Farm said...

I like Pine Tree they are very affordable, have many heirloom varieties and they are local. I have tomato seeds, potato seed and much more saved from the garden and the fedco seed. Now I need to find an area to put the see starts where cats and dog will not demolish them.