Thursday, April 8, 2010


So, I have had this idea rambling around my head for a bit. It came from a place of fatigue and frustration. There have been a few of these lately as our current circumstances begin to wear us all down a bit. April School vacation is just around the corner and we are all needing the time together. The weekends are too short.

Anyhoo...Then I read this great post by Earth Mama yesterday and thought, well, no time like the present.

So, I am going to come up with 50 simple moments or pleasures that I have had lately. Seems like a big number but I thought that there are these moments everyday. They come and present themselves and if I am paying attention then I realize that there are many. These are just small moments of wonder, funny little things our kids say, little moments that affirm that we are doing right by our kids and partners, moments of grace or simple satisfactions.

So that this does not become the longest post in the world I will post 25 today and 25 tomorrow and my one moment post...

1. The other day I was planting spinach among the garlic. All along the row, as I was poking my finger in the soil to plant my seed, many little young earth worms came squirming out of the soil.

2. I love the smell of bread just out of the oven. Yesterday's loaves of oatmeal raison were perfect.

3.I have finished many handwork projects lately and there is a great sense of satisfaction to snip the last strand of fiber that has been woven into the garment.

4. I love that Evan is in Love with books. He does not just like to be read to but many times during the day I catch him in a quiet corner looking at books.

5. I love when Tristan comes home from visits with his dad in Portland. He gets a taste of city life and transitions back into this country life well.

6. I love that my boys, so far apart in age, are good buddies.

7. I love making a really nice dinner for Mark when he comes home on Friday nights. Evan has been reminding us that every meal together is a celebration and so we must light a candle.

8. Last night, just before dark I went to the barn to check on the sheep and caught the boys playing rough and tumble in their side of the barn (note to self, Ram-a-lama is ramming the back of the barn wall off, must get out there and reinforce it)

9. The sun toasted my face the other day, a reminder that it is time for the straw hat. It felt good to get a good dose of vitamin D.

10. There is gray in my hair. A little more than last year. At 43 I am learning to embrace the change I see in the mirror. It can be a little uncomfortable sometimes but I know that I have gained some wisdom and there is still more to is a journey.

11. There is music. Music Mark plays for Evan just before bed. Music that Tristan listens to that takes me back to my younger days. The music Evan plays on his drums and toy piano. The music Evan and I dance to in the living room every Friday afternoon.

12. There have been a few new recipes tried out. It is satisfying to see that my boys are willing to try something new.

13.As I sit in my home I can see that I am nearing a goal I had a few years ago to have a handmade home. Some pictures hanging on the wall are from friends and Tristan. Some afghans and rugs in my home are from my own hands. Some things were made by my grandmother and evoke childhood memories of handcraft lessons she tried to impart to me.

14. I am grateful to my independent kitties who share their affections and purrs with me.

15. That goofy dog, who tests my patience on the worst of days and on the best reminds me why he really is man's best friends.

16. A warm egg fresh from a chicken is the greatest gift somedays.

17. The greening. With each rain the world outside my door awakens.

18. The spinach in the cold frame has sprouted. As a sprout pokes through the soil, the shell of its seed clings to the new leaf. Soon, fresh spinach...

19.My favorite mug, found at the Goodwill, is a trusty companion throughout the day. First with the one cup of coffee, then with a cup of green tea, and then later some Iron Woman or a fine ginger tea.

20. Rainy days that keep us indoors eating soup and knitting by the fire. It is a nice transition from the hibernation of winter to have a few quiet days amongst all the sun filled outdoor time we have had.

21. Mark and Evan took a little bike ride on the tandem this last weekend. I was so surprised to see my little guy pedaling along with ease. He was having such a good time.

22. I have wondered at Evan's independence. As I work in the garden, he sits and plays in his sandbox or mud puddle somewhere. On occasion he will come and help me to plant a seed. But most often, I am hearing conversations he has with his imaginary friend George. I am reminded of Tristan's imaginary friend Nathan.

23. I can stand in the front room and see the ewes in their pasture. If they catch a sight of me they Baa. Once day this past week, while we were in the garden they were baa-ing and Evan baa-ed back:)

24. This song is playing in my mind a lot these days.

25.When Mark's car pulls into the drive on Friday evening, Evan jumps and squeals with excitement, the dog is just as excited and I am so glad to have him home.

If you would like to join in me in the exercise, please leave a link so I can read your list. I would love to read them:)

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