Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Off the needles

Life has us turned to the great outdoors but I find that I still want quiet time to knit. It really is my therapy:)I have a few projects finished that I thought I would share.

This is the vest I finished for the teen. It is the felted vest I started for Christmas. Vast amounts of stockinette stitch. It came out okay. If I make this again I will put stripes in it just to break up the back and forth of the project.

A little vest for myself. I bought this lovely Peace Fleece yarn a few years ago and started a vest to compliment a beautiful glass button that I had bartered at a craft fair I attended. I had completed the back and left front of the vest and then had to put it down to do my Christmas knitting. When I picked it up after the holidays I cast on too many stitches for the right front. I put it aside for awhile. Recently I picked it back up to finish the vest and made the same mistake again. So, I ripped it all out and started with a different pattern. It seamless and worked up in a couple of weeks. I made a few modifications to the original pattern. I love it. Just in time for spring.

I am really groovin' on these rag rugs. They work up really quick. I love the play with color. This one is nearly done and I have plans for one more.

I love this little gnome. The pattern can be found here. I made a bevy of them last spring. There are many new babies coming into my life, so I thought another batch of gnomes was needed. My trusty treadle has a new job coming up.

This is the rough sketch for Evan's birthday present. He loves playing with little trucks and blocks. I will be sewing him a play mat for this play.

Finally, I am going to call this meditation. A basket of scrap yarn and one simple knit stitch. back and forth. It has called to me all morning long. Sitting near my chair in the kitchen asking for just a few more stitches. Beckoning me to slow down and pay attention.


Wendy said...

I've always wanted to try a rag rug. And the playmat is a great idea--can't wait to see how it turns out!

Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

oh your projects look wonderful. i especially love love the vest you made for your self. it is stunning. those look like very meditative projects.

Jenny said...

those are pretty nifty :D

Robj98168 said...

You better get that etsy store open!!!