Friday, April 2, 2010

Hints of green

Blue Hollyhock
Rhubarb, a family heirloom from Mark's dad and grandad.
Trusty Cold Frame planted with spinach
French Sorrel
Garlic inter-planted with Spinach

One class was cancelled today. And thank goodness because we were able to spend some time outside in the mud, and garden just watching things grow.

The picture above of the rhubarb is from yesterday. When I went out today it was pretty much the same but by the time we put our tools and trucks away the little leaf was markedly bigger. Crocuses were blooming before my eyes.

We've tossed some native oats into our pasture in hopes of some early greens for our sheep and, if the weather continues on this upward trend, we may move our chicken ladies out in their tractor during the day when we are home. We had a mama fox last year that pretty well cleaned us our of hen and rooster...and duck.

I feel the sting of sun on the back of my neck from looking down all afternoon. At times I could hear conversations that Evan was having with his imaginary friend, George, while wallowing in his little mud hole. The music of his voice provided great harmony to the shush of my rake gathering leaves.

It is easy to forget our troubles on days like today. It is easy and comforting to remember that these simple pleasures are the reason we live this country life.


Theresa said...

Hooray for green! Come say hi if you want, we are doing a giveaway...

Deus Ex Machina said...

We have been very aware of the peepers ... they have really "come alive" down here in the last couple of days. Happy Spring!

Naturalearthfarm said...

Oh, I know just what you mean! My sides are sore from working the soil but it is such a great feeling.
Warm wishes, Tonya

Cottage1945 said...

Isn't life amazing? I love seeing the seasons change.

Earth Mama said...

I like your greenery here and your new header picture. I'm so happy to be planting again. I always feel like winter is "dead" and once spring is here, we can eat fresh again and be outside and stretch our wings.