Thursday, January 21, 2010

Okay, I may be late to the game..but

...this is really cool! Have you heard of Paperback Swap? In my ever increasing search to live frugally and save pennies, I finally bit the bullet and joined.

I have been a life long book collector and avid reader.However, when we moved to our current, small home I was unable to un-pack all my books. Vast collections of classic and contemporary fiction still sit in boxes in the back of closets. This is not to say that there were not new books purchased to filled the shelves but they were more along the lines of non-fiction, homestead reference and knitting books. Books that, for the most part, require you to read them over and over. Overall, the number of books I buy has decreased. I frequent my local library for most of the fiction that I enjoy. I like a good cookbook, knitting book, children's craft book, traditional craft book and if I find a good one at the library that I think will make a life long reference, I will buy it after checking it out of the library first.

But the book swap...very cool. I can see using this to provide books for our homeschool, gifting frugally and expanding our skills and if the book is a bad fit...well I can swap it!


Robj98168 said...

Ok, Your not late, cause I just joined after reading your post

Wendy said...

I LOVE PaperbackSwap! Love it! Love it! I've been a member for a while now. In fact, because Deus Ex Machina and I have agreed not to buy gifts for each other, it's a great way for me to get him something that he can enjoy.

The best part, though, is that I can often find books (if I'm patient) that are hard to find in used bookstores, because they're out of print. And it's good for kids' books, too.

Make sure you take advantage of the "wishlist" feature. You just never know what you'll end up getting, and it's always a pleasant surprise :).

Oh, check out SwapADVD, too. Pretty cool :).