Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baggin' it!

Well, it has been a few days into the New Year and I am putting into practice my One Small Change. For this month I have chosen to forgo all plastic bags. This past weekend I realized that one of the reasons I may be forgetting my bags is that I have had them for a long time. I've accrued them over the years from thrift stores, donations to good causes. They are stained, holey and some of the handles have broken off. So Hubby and I put our collective creativity together and made some new bags.

Hubby repurposed the feed bag into a grocery bag. We have a few more of this sort of plastic weave bag around and will be making a few more.

I made the patchwork bag to hold my knitting ( which has been christened by a water bottle some little person put in it while we were about today). All the materials for the patchwork were from stash, old jeans and finds from yard sales. I also put a tool pocket inside the bag for easy reach of the tools I use most often.

Wee one wanted a new bag too. His library bag was also well worn out, so he got a new one for the new year. I think Scruffer kitty would like one too!
So today was the first chance I have had to remember the bags. I went to Marden's, a salvage store, for .75 fat quarters for more patchwork. While digging in my wallet for the cash to pay, I heard the clerk open a plastic bag. I told her that I did not need a bag and I added that it was a New Year's resolution to stop using plastic bags ( gotta spread the word;). We went to the healthfood store next and I used a cloth bag there as well. I think that it is easier to remember to use my bags when I go to the grocery store but I have a tendency to forget when I go to other retailers.

I also made a linen bread bag for keeping homemade bread in. I had an old linen table cloth that had been stained by one feast too many and saw this idea at Soule Mama. I am still a novice at the sewing machine but I am having a blast with the process. Next project is to make some take-a-long produce bags. Oh and all those old bags, well, they will be mended and patched because they are still useful!


Robj98168 said...

Nothing gives me more pleasure than saying- "I don't need a bag" or "I Brought my own bag". Good for you on your home made bags! I know I got mine!

Anonymous said...

I received two adorable bags for Christmas that fold up small enough to put into a purse--one handmade, one not, both exceedingly cute. I no longer have an excuse!

Wendy said...

Love the bread bag!

And great job on keeping true to your challenge. I hate it when I forget my bags. I feel so ... wrong ;), and there are times that I've walked out of the store with no bag, carrying my purchases, because I'd rather carry what I've bought without the bag than take plastic. That draws a few sideways looks from cashiers ;).

Anonymous said...

We've been using cloth shopping bags for years.. we always return them to the car trunk after unpacking so their ready for the next trip.. but what I've been doing lately is making cloth bags for home use.. bread bags, bags to store sheets in, gift bags for none holiday giving etc.

gardenmama said...

Wow, why is it that it never dawned on me to use my cloth bags everywhere not only when purchasing food! Thank you for this new inspiration!
Many warm wishes to you in this new year : )