Monday, July 27, 2009

Independence Day Challenge Year 2, The 13th week

Summer continues to be a sorta- kinda season.  No real heat. There are, gratefully, blossoms on the squashes and tomatoes. But, strangely, the pole beans seem stunted. The peas are nearing their end, as is the first planting of broccoli.

As for the house situation; this too, feels like a seasonal limbo.  We have been working real hard to get the place ready to sell. We had the realtor here this weekend. I felt a little ill when she left. We still have a list  of things to do. But major cosmetic projects should be done by the end of this week. However; when we told her what our asking price was, she told us it was high. The reality of the situation is that we can not afford to take a loss on the house. The realtor needs her cut. We will not be able to rent the house. So the very real reality of the situation is that; unless by some miracle the house sells for the price we need in the time frame we hope, Hubby will be renting a room during the week while I keep the home fires burning here.  The one good bit of information the realtor told us is that according to the law we get to take all the food we planted. So those gorgeous brussel sprouts can be harvested for our plate.

This may present some challenges. First and foremost, is my concern about the not-so-friendly neighbors and what mischief they can cause when hubby is no longer a presence here.  Second is  his handy-man presence.  We compliment each others abilities. Mine are domestic and his involve tools. Third, his absence during the week will be hard on the family. I will miss him.

We discuss options. We play around with any number of financial and housing scenarios.  But bottom line is that we will live the life we have right now until we don't. This means that once the house is ready. Once all unnecessary things are packed away. Once the house sparkles. Once all those handyman projects are completed. Then we focus on the coming winter. We need to put up hay, firewood and food.  We will probably supplement our garden with some bulk produce from the farmer's market  and u-pick. We plan to make a large purchase of chicken from a local farmer since we did not grow a pig; several roasters and assorted bits and pieces. One more bulk food purchase to just pad the larder with some sweeteners, oils, dried fruit. If we are here in 2 months then we will fill the propane tanks. And then we have shelter, cars and very small grocery bill of milk, yogurt, butter, cheese and pet food.. Everything else goes in the bank.  

Plant: nothing

Harvested: peas, broccoli,raspberries, yarrow, mint.

Preserved: 4 quarts of broccoli frozen,  4 quarts of peas, 1 quart frozen wild raspberries.

Managed reserves/ prepped: finished packing and cleaning teens room ( can you say ewww...). Cleaned basement.  Weeding and staking tomatoes.

Eat the food: broccoli, peas, 

Local Foods: broccoli and peas from the local farmstand

Reduced waste: many bags of stuff to the thrift store.

I need to add a to-do list this week.

plant: broccoli and spinach and more carrots

clean spare room off of garage in order to store boxes

weed garden and mow lawn

find at least 50 bales of hay from the first cut.

paint back door and spackle and sand front room.

rent jake rake to spread gravel in drive.

find more broccoli at farm stand and start looking for blueberry u-pick.


Lisa said...

The economy is taking a huge toll on the housing market :( I am sorry you may be separated for a while until you get it worked out!


Anna M said...

Just a thought but if Hubby is going back and forth each week perhaps renting a storage unit on the other side will help with the eventual move as well as clear clutter.

Fleecenik Farm said...

Thankyou Anna that is a brilliant idea!

Wendy said...

I hate that "in limbo" stage. It's tough trying to plan for a future when you've no idea.