Monday, July 13, 2009

Independence Day Challenge Year 2, The 11th week

The sun has shines...AGAIN! 

STill busy. Still packing. This week we go to Farmington to start looking at houses. With Luck and more hard work we should be able to have our house on the market next week.  Among all this hard work I am still getting my IDC work done too.

Planted: Carrots

Harvested: broccoli florets,  garlic scapes, egyptian onion sets, peas,basil, lettuce, comfrey, cilantro. I am keeping vigil over the wild raspberries and blackberries. they are not red yet but soon...very soon...

Preserved: We had some birds in the freezer. I made canned 10 quarts of stock and we are using the rest of the chicken in dinners this week. 2 quarts of peas for the freezer. Dehydrated cilantro, comfrey and dill. Dehydrated kale. The Preserving Sanity list is getting some length to it.

Eat the food: Salads, peas, garlic scapes.

Local Foods: Went to the farmer's market this week. I found baby zucchini, new potatoes and local chicken parts.  It seems that the farmers do not have nearly as much produce for sale as they did this time last year. The weather has hit them pretty hard this year.

Manage reserves/ prepped: A friend gave us a pair of snow pants for the wee one when he gets a little bigger. Packing and decluttering and cleaning.

Reduced waste: recycling boxes for packing, sending stuff to the thrift store.


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said... sound pleasantly busy...I stumbled upon your blog,what a fantastic thing you're doing.
Good to meet you...and your World.

Kathy said...

I had no idea you could eat Egyptian onions! I have some, but just let them grow!