Monday, May 25, 2009

Independence Day Challenge Year 2, The Fourth week

It has been a busy week.  At this time of year when I wake in the morning, I gauge whether it will be a good day to abandon any indoor chores for the out door work. It is a challenge. It may be a partly cloudy day, but if the air is still it may not be a good day to be out doors. Why?

Black Flies and Mosquitos. If the continual buzzing around the head is not enough to drive me nuts, the itching that follows later that evening will be.

But spring time chores go on...

Planted: Woad, BLack HollyHock for natural dyeing.  Fenugreek, cilantro, more carrots, paprika peppers, early jalapeno peppers, luffa, citronella, willamette hops, horseradish root.

Harvested: lettuce, chives, scallions, spinach

Preserved: 4 pints 1 half pint rhubarb chutney. We use this on pork chops  and chicken.

Eat the food: spinach and  lettuce salad, chives in mash potatoes, scallions on rice and beans.

Reduced waste and manage reserves:  Sorted out out grown clothes from wee one's drawers. Took inventory of pantry. This year I will not be making fiddlehead pickles. We have only eaten one jar of them this year. I still have a good quantity of applesauce so I will be providing this as snacks to the wee one more often.  Tilled a new spot for more corn and dry beans. I was not planning on doing this much corn or dry bean this year but I recently learned of a friend who lost her library job and I want to have plenty to share for next winter. 

Preparation and storage: I went to the Goodwill and  Yard Sales this week. I found a pair of winter boots for the wee one when he gets a little bigger. I also found some fleece socks for the wee one. I found a couple more canning jars and canisters. I sent in the form to open an account for the bulk wholesaler. 

Local food systems: Not much this week.

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