Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garden Tour and a Recycling tale

This is the main garden. It was here when we moved in. There is garlic,early frosty shelling peas, blackseeded simpson lettuce, perennial sorrel, oregano, egyptian walking onion, red onions and stutgart onions, Purple cone flower, moon lily , asparagus, strawberries, jerusalem artichokes on the north end, peppermint, elderberry, tulips, chives, catnip, evening primrose and primula, garlic with spinach planted underneath. I will put acorn squash, zucchini,  pole beans and tomatoes at the farther end when it is time to plant them.
This bed was our first potato patch we started when we moved here.  There is kale, broccoli, rutabaga, leek, onion, cabbage planted in it. I have the floating row covers on the brassicas to prevent flea beetle. On the far end is one of three patches of snap peas and carrots that foloow the whole length of the main garden. Last year those spots were huglekulture with potatoes. There is a new hugleklture on the far side of the garden that I will put an over flow of seed potatoes in.
This is our potato patch this year. Half of it is planted. So far there are  carolla, yukon gold and caribe, saved from seed from last years crop.  We planted yellow finn, a variety we found a the Fedco Tree sale.  WE have Kennebec, a plain white potato we grew from an old bag of store potatoes and a friend gave us a bag of table reds that had grown eyes.  On the other side of the foot bridge we plan to grow popcorn. In between the new potato bed and the old bed is a where we had our corn last year.  It is looking pretty fried. No weeds have grown in the spot where the corn was so I may heavily compost and sheet mulch it and try some fall crops in it later in the year when it has had a chance to come back to life.
This is the  former inside of our dryer. I have painted it red and plan to plant nasturtiums in it. It should be a great humingbird attractor.
It has nice drainage!  It's the little things:)

Hubby salvaged the exterior of the dryer to use as metal to weld to the rusty bits of our car. 


Wendy said...

I love your recycling tale ;). How very creative!

Your garden looks wonderful. I wish we had that kind of space here.

Anna M said...

Hmmmm, I wonder if I can ask the dump if I can salvage a few old dryer drums. That looks like an Excellent planter!