Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Independence Day Challenge

It has been awhile since I have posted an Independence Days Challenge update.   It is a quiet  time of year but there are still things that can be done  around the homestead to become more independent.  

Planted:  I planted kitty greens for the cats.

Harvested: our young hens are starting to lay.  4 eggs last week and 1 egg so far this week. Lentil sprouts

Manage reserves:  spring cleaning, using up winter squash, working on ways to manage our space better here.   We would like to  build an addition at some point but we should make better use of the space we do have first.  So on the to do list for the spring is to move my knitting machines ( that I use for income) into the spare room next to the workshop and set up a wool studio.  This will move clutter out of the main living space and keep felines and kids out of my work. We will be replacing the front door and three big windows in the front of the house this summer.   This will help to keep the front room warmer. WE will eventually use those windows to build a permanent green house. So we are managing the budget to plan this small rehab project.

Prepped:  I received a bulk food order from my buying club last week.  50 pounds hard red winter wheat, 1 gallon blackstrap molasses, 10 pounds raisins, 1 pound chamomile flowers, 1 pound nutmeg, 1 pound ground clove, 1 gallon of shampoo, 1 gallon conditioner, 10 pounds whole wheat pasta, assorted herbal teas. I found snow pants for the wee one in the next size up for next year. I had to return a Christmas gift back to Target and was able to hit the 50% off rack and found a good amount of shirts and pants for the wee one in some larger sizes. I buy the kids clothes this way because I can take advantage of good finds/ deals at thrift stores, yardsales.  It saves  money and I can make sure that I have good quality ( rugged) clothing for the kids.  I placed the seed orders and I have drawn out the garden plan for this year.

Local foods: My neighbor has been selling us eggs until our ladies started laying.

Reduced Reuse:  Still feeding the worms. De-
cluttering and donating stuff to the local thrift store.

cook something new:  Potato Poppers ( I LOVE the cookbook Laurel's Kitchen)

Learn something new:  I received the book The Herbal Medicine- Makers Handbook by James Greenfor my birthday.  I would like to take the herbal correspondence course through Blessed Maine Herbs this spring so I thought I would tap into that auto-didactic side of my nature.

Pay it Forward: Donated money to the share the plate at church for our congregations food pantry. I am putting some seed aside for a friend and her garden.


English Animist said...

Sounds like you are making good progress on preparations. I am also thinking of taking the herbal course with Gail Faith Edwards this year. I just received her book so that I can check it out and see if I want to commit to the course. Let me know if you sign up for it.

Kathy said...

Your a busy one Karin ... and to be admired for your stick-to-i-tive-ness. Yes, I know. That is not a word!