Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Make Do Magic

I am a goddess.  You may not know that by looking at me.  The rings under my eyes and the gray hairs slipping from my braid do not betray my extraordinary powers.  But my unassuming appearance is the mark of every great goddess of myth who ever walked the earth.  My powers have the ability to bring joy to a toddler at times of peril.

Let me share just one small feat.  

This past summer my family and I volunteered for a community garden that donates many pounds of fresh organic veggies to low income seniors.  The wee one ( our mythic hero) would ride in his chariot from door to door as we dispensed our goods. As we return to the garden to bring the reusable bags back to the garden shed, the wee one would stop and flirt with some of some of the senior sirens that sit on their park bench to watch the sun set.

One evening while I was finishing up, teen took the wee one to visit these veggie vamps.  One bestowed upon him  a yellow, plastic, remote control car without the remote control.  Such treasure!  Such manna! such plastic....*

Such plastic soon broke when the body broke from the carriage. The tragedy and sorrow  of one truck obsessed 2 year old knew no bounds that day.  All day, we pondered how we could fix it and when would dad get home to "goo" it. 

And then  divine powers of inspiration intervened and a magic roll of duct tape appeared .....

* yeah, I know, plastic. If given the choice I use nice wood toys but this was so big and Yellow and I have saved it from the landfill.  Later when hubby got home, he pointed out that the carriage was on backwards and that most cars wheels don't steer from behind.  He, however, is a mere mortal :)


Wendy said...

I think, sometimes, being a parent requires "magic", and well, many "parent" moments are just that - magical - all on their own :).

Love the story!

You go g ... irl ... er ... oddess ;)

WENDY BANDURSKI-MILLER (nee Callard) said...

Oh mummy majik is the MOST powerful form of love! I LOVED that story.... dads sometimes have NO imagination...... too damm practical...... ha ha made me laugh out loud for real!

bright moments....

lizzylanefarm said...

Hi Karin,

That is a great story and I bet you are like me-- have several new ones each day of this magical time in your life.

I have 2 grown boys and truly miss those days. I do have a 2 year old granddaughter who lives with us so I feel like I have been gifted with the magic all over again. Only this time it's better, I have more tricks up my sleeve...

Love you site and have spent a bit of time poking around and will be back to see the rest.

Have a great day