Friday, November 21, 2008

Breathing Time...

 This has been a busy week..hurrumph.

 On Sunday we went to church where I left with the commitment to make 2 Pumpkin pies to make for our Stone Soup Sunday; a fundraiser for our church's  low income heating fund.

 On Monday, hubby went hunting, harvested a couple of trees from the woods and put a couple of t1-11 panels up on the barn. So I held down the fort here. 

Tuesday we were up at 5:15 to bring hubby half way to work so he could ride his bike the rest of the way (15miles).  We do this on the days that I need the car.  We are a 1 car family. On  Tuesday I went into town to pick up Teen from his art class and run errands.

 On Wednesday, we were up early again.  Later that day Teen, Wee One and I went to church to help set up for Stone Soup and meet with our new Minister to discuss Religious Ed program. I then drove in the other direction to pick up hubby from work.  This one car thing is supposed to save us money, right?

 Because the wee one was up at 5:00 for 2 days in a row, he thought he would try for  third day...sigh. So Thursday was a cranky day for a certain  2 year old I love. Thursday was also a catch up day at home.  The home takes a real hit when no one is home.  How does that happen?

Today, Friday, I have committed myself to finish the socks I have promised some one.  Last sock of the last pair.  I have to make bread. Feed the worms. Bake 3 pie pumpkins so I can make those church pies tomorrow.  Think about Thanksgiving dinner and make a list of anything we may need.  There won't be much because most of everything we are cooking we grew ourselves.  Except the Turkey. I'm struggling with this one for some reason. Oh ,I know the reason.  The free range local turkey is 4.50 a pound and the only turkeys available are at least 14lbs. 61.20 for a turkey compared to the CAFO turkey at 10.00.That's a tough one.  We will have pumpkin pie from scratch; potatoes, squash, green beans from the garden;cranberry sauce made from cranberries foraged from a local wild bog, homemade crackers and bread,  homemade pickled things ,local goat cheese, local blueberry wine and apple cider.  I thought about just cooking a roast from our pig but it Thanksgiving without turkey? Sure it is. It is about gratitude after all.  But ...Is it Thanksgiving weekend without turkey sandwiches,  turkey potpie, turkey stew? I've done the local turkey for past Thanksgivings but things are a little tighter this year and that just seems like a luxury  this year.

Tomorrow is Saturday and it is my day to get away. MOM TIME!!  woohoo!!  It has been awhile.

I plan to leave early and go to the last farmers market of the season.  There will be monthly farmers market for those farmers who sell meat and cheese.  This is the last regular scheduled farmers market.  I went last week and got a bushel of apples for 8.00.  This week I want to pick up a couple of bags of onions.  We've eaten all the ones we grew for ourselves. ( note to self, plant more onions).  I will pick up the goat cheese for Thanksgiving tomorrow.

Then I have to go to the library to drop some books off and photo copy something for a friend.

Then  I will spend a glorious morning in the sunroom  of my favorite yarn shop knitting Christmas presents and gossiping with the women who knit there.

After that I might run up to the goodwill and try to find some fitted sheets for the teens bed. The one on there now looks more like it could be a fishing net.

Then I will go home and have late lunch and make pies for Sunday.

Hubby has promised a chicken dinner for Saturday night. Yum!


Wendy said...

You've been so busy! I can relate, although I wish I could spend every day like I did this past weekend, curled up in the Papasan chair next to the woodstove reading a book - either alone or with children piled on me while I read aloud ;).

About the one car - it really is cheaper to have just one. There's the obvious savings in gasoline, because you'll just be driving less if there's no car in the driveway taunting you :), but there are also savings in things like taxes, insurance, and maintenance/upkeep. If I could convince my husband, we'd have only one car. It would definitely force us to change how we do some things, but I'm not convinced that would be a bad thing. We'd all get a lot more exercise as we'd be walking or riding bikes more often.

Fleecenik Farm said...

I know that one car saves us money. When the weather gets too cold for hubby to ride his bike half way, I end up spending the whole day in the car. Driving him 45 minutes to work, trying to find ways to keep our day filled without spending too much money while we are busy in town running errands and getting the teen to is lessons, and then picking hubby up from work and driving home. If there is more than one day a week that I need the car...oy vey...They are long days.

lizzylanefarm said...

Sounds like you have things under control although I busy schedule.

I too pondered the local turkey issue. Ours are and the one I bought last year was 28lbs. The bones were so big and not much meat for the weight of it. It was sooo expensive. Ours this year was semi-local out of MASS and .59/lb. It will do.
And I bet it will be tasty too.

Your dnner plans sure sound yummy!

Have a great holiday and restful day.