Friday, November 14, 2008

A day in the life of the Independence Days Challenge

5:45 My slumber is is prodded to wakefulness by the squeaky cry of "Boobie, boobie". I am able to sneak another 5 minutes before snuggling on the couch with Wee one.  This shall go into local foods system.

6:10 Hubby comes in from chopping wood and heads into the shower.  Wee one is done with nursing and has discovered the pile of picture books from our trip to the Library yesterday.  I spend a few minutes reading to him as I wait for the water to boil for coffee; free trade that we get from our church.  Pour coffee through one cuppa filter for hubby in travel mug.  Pour second cup for myself in my mug that hubby gave me for our anniversary; made by local artisan.

6:30 Kiss Hubby goodbye as he heads to work.  His school provides breakfast to the staff.  Make breakfast for the rest of the gang.  Local eggs ( because our old chickens have stopped laying and our young chickens have yet to lay).  Homemade pumpkin bread toasted.

7:00 Everyone is gathered around the table eating breakfast.  I knit a few more rounds on the socks I am making out of Peace Fleece, a lovely merino/wool blend made in Maine.

7:30 Log on and read my favorite blogs. Two Frog Home had a link to Lizzy Lane Farm where there is a recipe for making homemade dish soap.  I have been pondering this for a while now. So I went to Wholesale Supplies Plus and ordered the liquid glycerin.   This would go under Prepped.

8:00  Took care of my morning beauty regimen.  Comb Hair, Brush Teeth, Rinse Face.   Wrestle a two year old out of his Pjs with the promise , "Yes, Tonight you get to wear your pjs again". Brush wee one's teeth.  Fold laundry from drying racks and empty load of laundry washed last night and hang back on the racks.  Okay, confession time.  I was using our dryer for the heavier items and sheets during the winter.  With the intention of getting rid of the dryer.  Fate has played her hand and our dryer is dead thus taking car of that appliance for us.  But now I have a dead dryer in my bathroom eating up precious space :(.  So I have sort  of reduced waste here, but still have no idea what to do with the dead dryer that would be earth friendly. Made beds, put laundry away.

9:00  Took the wee one out with me to stack the wood hubby split.   Wee one helps mama by bringing the light logs over to the stack.  He also helps me to collect any kindling and tinder that resulted from the chopping. We put this in empty feed bags and store in the back shed.  It begins raining so we head inside.  The homeschooled teen is feeding the livestock.

10:00 I set the wee one up in his highchair with some playdough and cookie cutters while I clean up after breakfast.  i must remember to look up the recipe for creme of tarter playdough. I want to give some to the small people in my life for Christmas. I prepare another batch of Kombucha. I am still trying to get this right. I have let it ferment too long  sometimes but I now have several mothers so I can get  several batches going.   Unintended Intelligence?  Managing reserves.  Teen is in his room reading a Library booksale book,  The Deep by Peter Benchly.    Wee one is done playing with playdough and sets up a nest of board books around the dog bed. He becomes very sad that Bear Lost his little red ball in the book he was looking at.   Time out for crisis management and hugs.

11:00 Time for wee one's nap.  3 stories and song while he is rocked results in a cherubic wee one  asleep.

11:30 Teen and I sit down to read aloud the Book EMBER by Jeanne Duprau.  A friend from church lent it to us.  I am going to do a book review on it for the bookstore.  We both agreed that it is off to a good start.  

12:00 Teen and I have lunch.  Last of the split pea soup ( split peas, stock and meat provided by the garden,  left over pig bone and meat bits, apples from local orchard, garlic, carrots, potato, spinach, onion, thyme,sage, parsley from our garden)  Also last of the homemade mac and cheese.

12:30 Teen gets working on his math work while wee one naps.  I plan the afternoon: make bread, find a recipe for bean veggie burgers to use up black beans and rice in Fridge , feed worms ( I will wait for wee one to help me with this), vacuum the rug, work on those socks, tidy kitchen.  But first a cup of herbal tea.

1:00 Wee one wakes from his nap.  Nurses, briefly, and sits down to lunch.  Cheesy noodles with fleck of spinach which he is able to pick around.  I read 2 stories and his big brother reads two books.  Feed worms with help of wee one.   He rips the white paper; that now does not have to be saved for recycling but will be repurposed as worm bedding.  Reducing waste.

2:00 clean kitchen. ho hum  Hubby started a fire in the stove this morning.  I let it burn down. Little chilly so put on an extra layer.  It was fairly mild outside today...and rainy. Managed reserves. Made a veggie, garlic bread using garlic and dried kale from the garden and local honey. Wee one just bombs around for a while emptying little basket and bins of toys.  Teen retreats to his room to read the book, Science.

3:00 I wrote a list of items that I want to bulk order next week.  25lbs of kidney beans from the Great Northern Bean company ( Maine Co.)  Local old fashion  general/ feed store is selling canola in gallon bottles for 15.99.  It is cold pressed and kosher and less expensive per quart than the stuff we usually use.  It's a balance. I should ask about molasses when I call the order into the store that orders this stuff for me.  Prepped. Debated the merits of picking up one's toys with a 2 year old.  Gave the wee one a snack of dried apple chips from this years preserving efforts. Filled little bins and baskets that were emptied of their toys.  Teen feeds the livestock.  I vacuum the livingroom rug.  It sounds so much better to say I am managing my reserves instead doing chores:)

4:00 punch the bread down and divide into loaves.  Made a cuppa tea and sat down with knitting for a few minutes.  Teen put dishes away and awaits arrival of kitty litter to clean cat box.

5:00 Husband comes home bearing a smooch, kitty litter, the mail. The first seed catalogue for 2009 arrived today from a Maine Company, Pinetree Garden Seeds.  It seems like they have a good variety of heirloom breeds. Oh goody, good reading tonight, and a fair amount of daydreaming about next years garden. Prepping. Well, and not really planting anything but hopes of planting.Dinner tonight will be black bean and rice veggie burgers with shredded carrot and corn from the garden, canned salsa from this summers garden, local sour cream and cheese. Homemade tortilla. This goes under cook something new. I ended up using egg to hold it all together.I didn't use catsup but salsa and  I didn't use the tempeh crisps.  

6:oo Finished cooking dinner.  Everyone enjoyed it and went for seconds.  Cleaned up after dinner and settled in for an evening with my family. Phew! A good and full day.



Wendy said...

You are very productive ;). I'd love to find one of those old fashioned feed/general stores where I could get cold pressed vegetable oil for $15.99. The closest we have is Flaherty's, and they're getting better, although I don't think they'll ever carry feed. They do have a greenhouse, though. So, I guess it's a balance ;).

Walter Jeffries said...

That's great that you have the wee one help with the small wood. We have done this with all three of our kids. They tag along under our feet doing the things they can. In the process they learn a lot about not just the work we're doing but much more. It's a part of our homeschooling. Gradually they develop skills and a helpful attitude.

Fleecenik Farm said...

I don't know how I would get things done if he didn't tag along. Days are short and there is still much to do. It gets him outside and moving which is not always easy this time of year when the weather is so unsettled.

Anonymous said...

What a busy day don't they go by so fast!

Glad you found Wholesale Supply, this is one site I can't stay away from...

FYI I added another post on the dish soap in the first I only listed the original recipe and then on the second explained how I make mine. Of course every one has their own likes, so try it both ways. You might want to 1/2 the recipe until you find what you like.

~Karyn :)

Fleecenik Farm said...

Thanks. I can't wait till the glycerine gets here so I can give it a go. I found some peaches and cream cotton for a 1.00 a skein at A.C. Moore this past summer. Once I get caught up on some of my knitting I will whip up some dish clothes to go with it.

risa said...

>This shall go into local foods system.

Oh, you betcha! Best there is.

Kathy said...

Dead Dryer? If you don't want to take it apart and recycle at your local recycling center, you could remove it to the yard and find a use outside. Planter? Compost?

Just a thought. I'm sure over time it would lose its luster, so-to-speak.