Friday, August 8, 2008

Rain, Rain, RAIN!

  Two weeks of rain.  Yes! Two weeks of rain and cool temperatures.  We actually had to put on another blanket last night.  Tomatoes don't turn red when there is no sun and cool temperatures.  In fact, the leaves get all fungally, slimey, dead looking.  (Isn't that a delightful image!).  Dry beans are not dry when it rains at the time you would like to harvest them. Sheep get muddy, wooly coats and we have to worry about their feet getting too wet.  Hoof rot is not a nice thing for sheep.  Two year olds get squirrelly when they can not play in their sand box.  The  Teenage boy retreats to his cave making the rare dinner time appearance.   Hubby can't build the barn when it downpours. But I can do the canning without the house over heating.  See.  There is always a bright side.  

Now where did I put those welly boots?

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