Thursday, August 21, 2008

Catching up

I confess, I've been a bad blogger. I guess that happens this time of year. So much life so little time. First I would like to just update the IDC Challenge.

Planted: More spinach and waiting for harvesting of some veggies to clear some land for more planting.

harvested: pole beans, dry beans, the first tomato (ohh, aahh), various herbs, blackberries and the last of the raspberries, caribe potatoes, barley, acorns.

preserved: oh boy is this list long.  Canned: tomatoes, applesauce.  Froze: Broccoli, corn raspberries and blackberries. Dried beans, broccoli leaf.  dill, sage, basil, oregano, mint, comfrey, blueberries. Fermented: blueberry wine and beer.

Managed reserves: Scythed grass.  Side dressed fruit trees. Weeded.

Prepped: Maine Broccoli was a dollar a pound so I bought several pounds and froze 16 quarts of broccoli. Found some canning jars at a yard sale.  We adopted ducks

Reduced waste: Working that compost pile.  I used up some finished compost and built another pile.  Gave canning food scraps to the pig.

Local food systems:  A neighbor, I call the old timer, gave us some windfall apples that I have made some applesauce with.  Another neighbor gave us some blueberries that I made wine with.  I bought canner tomatoes at the farmers market and corn.

Cooked something new: nope

Learned something new:  Yes! I learned that I ,too,  can make a slapdash animal shelter.

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