Thursday, August 21, 2008

Alas,all good things must come to an end.

     I feel like a wealthy woman.  I feel like a fine chef with the best ingredients.  I feel like I have cheated and have no regrets. Why? 

    I have raspberries growing on our land.  We have two acres with a small gully. On either side of the gully are raspberry bushes.  This has been the first year that I have really taken advantage of them.  Every other day I have been out side, in the skeeter busy muck, with the wellies on, picking raspberries.  I have picked 6 quarts of raspberries.  I froze them because I was afraid that they would mold before I had enough to make jam. I will gloat and remember the summer some time in January as I pour them into pancakes or muffins.

    It was a learning experience.  After the first day I learned that I should wear long pants tall boots , long sleeves, and a hat to keep the inch worms out of my hair. I learned that not all buzzing sounds are from mosquitos the hard way ...ouch!)

    The local farm stand has a u-pick raspberries.  A pint for 2.00 or a quart for 5.00. Ouch.  I am indeed a wealthy woman.  Okay , maybe a little frugal too. Then as if the manna could not taste better I found blackberries.  They have a shaper thorn bite but worth every little jab.

     But the days grow short and other fruits beckon to be harvested and the berries don't fill a cup any longer.

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