Friday, March 9, 2012

This day...

With this warm weather I feel like those small leek sprouts stretching out of soil reaching for the sun. I am in the middle of a change in my own seasons and can really appreciate the stops and starts that an inevitable change requires. My colors tend toward autumn. But I will embrace the colors of spring.

I wax philosophical these day, I am in the throws of the change of life. Such a nice term for a settling out out of all that I have lived so far. I struggle with the fact that in actuality I am a bit young for this change. But I really have no control over this and must accept that this is upon me. Like winter to autumn I watch as some changes mean I release old habits from the past.I am a brown leaf letting go of its tree.

But this is the cusp of spring and I look towards new beginnings as well. There is a promise of renewal. When all is settled the distraction of cyclic swings will be gone and I will be distilled into my essence. Unlike the the vagaries of weather to the growing season, I will have a choice how my garden grows. This seems more sure than a crop of tomatoes around these parts.

The mystery is what excites me....

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