Sunday, March 18, 2012

March this moment...

The temperature is 78 degrees! In just a day the snow has retreated from vast portions of the garden. There are day lily sprouts along the foundation of the house. Red buds of rhubarb are poking out of the ground, pushing its way past last years detritus. John Denver is singing in his lovely tenor,"Sunshine on My Shoulders."

Evan is sporting a new pair of cutoffs. Sap fire is burning. Just as I thought we are getting a good run of sap today. So we will be boiling down for the next few days.

It is time to plant in the cold frame. But for today my chores are nearly done. Upstairs entryway is tidied. The Bread is on its second rise. Pepper and hollyhock seeds are started. After Mark returns from his run, I will go for a long walk and then I take my turn at the sap fire for a bit...maybe with some knitting needles.

Yay, spring!


Kelly said...

Please promise me that spring is here for real. I'm at work and stuck inside. Enjoy the beautiful Maine day for me.

Heather said...

We have had lovely weather today! And I hear it is going to be nice all week! I am going to plant my peas tomorrow and hope that we don't get anymore least not more than a couple inches :-)