Thursday, February 23, 2012

Herbs 2012

Every year I like to introduce a couple of new herbs into my garden. I am really drawn to plants that provide dual purposes: beauty and food or medicine. This year we plan to grow arnica, astragalus, stinging nettle and motherwort.

Arnica would be a great addition to our homestead. Mark starts his spring shearing our sheep and he also earns money from shearing sheep. This can be very hard on those muscles that have been dormant through the winter. Early spring is also a good time to have sore muscles from the excitement of spring garden chores. Arnica is used externally. I plan to make a salve with the leaves and use it as a linament for sore muscles, sprains. I will also tincture it in some 80% proof vodka for foot baths.

Atragalus has many uses for women. It is good for anemia, the roots are good for grounding, it is also a good herb, in conjunction with others, for decreasing breast cysts. Astragalus is also a good herb for boosting the immune system.

Stinging nettle will be planted in a part of the garden where I want some plants to just grow crazy. Herbs in this spot are mint and comfrey. Stinging nettle is good for anemia. The seeds and flowers are good as a hair rinse. Nettles are high in mineral and vitamin content. It is also a cure for diarrehea.

Motherwort brings on delayed menstrual flow, eases uterine cramping. Motherowrt is helper through menopause by relaxing and supporting the body through menopause.

I recommend The Woman's book of Herbs by Deb Soule and Common Herbs for Natural Health by Juliette de Bairacli.

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cargillwitch said...

I've grown and tinctured motherwort for years now. Wonderful stuff. Also very helpful for heart arrhythmia.