Monday, March 7, 2011

Slow Living

Life has put the brakes on our family. My recent injury is just one of the few things that has had us rearrange schedules. Mark, who never admits to being sick enough to stay home from work. came home early last Thursday with a nasty bug. I was next inline to share this wonder of biology. Tristan seems to be a little under the weather today. More than likely Evan's immune system will benefit from the virtues of this virus as well.

Speaking of weather, Mark has another snow day this Monday. It is the second Monday in a row.

It would be easy to grouse about all this; you know, places to go, people to see. But really, I am sorta reveling in it. Oh sure a little pain is not pleasant and no one wants to feel sick. But today, for now, at least, everyone is okay and we are enjoying a quiet day at home.

It has been nice to just lay about and read. I am reading the Fellowship of the Ring by Tolkein again.The copy of this book has been read many times by Mark, Tristan and myself and is beginning to show its wear. But a good tale of the hero's journey. Evan and I are enjoying a little Matilda by Roald Dahl. We have read most of his books that have been illustrated by Quentin Blake. Evan and Mark are enjoying Roverandom by Tolkein and Tristan has been studying for his driver's permit.

I do not have a knitting project right now. When I find myself in between projects I pick up a garter stitch scrap blanket. I love to play with the color. Each row brings back a memory of the initial project the yarn belonged to. It is an easy no thinking kinda project. It is meditation. Mark has learned how to knit and I have seen him working on his "ice fishing scarf". A garter stitch scarf knit from a few odd balls of yarn I had around. It is his first project.

Meals have been simple and we have all taken our turns at making sure that we are fed. A favorite snack, popcorn with nutritional yeast, has been a staple during these past few days. And our cups are never empty of herbal teas.

Mark and I joked that a snow day means that we are not using gas; which last I knew was 3.51 when I was in town on Saturday; it is probably higher today. Sure he will have to make up the day at the end of the school year. But he is planning to ride his bike to school once Spring arrives and the roads are in better shape.

Evan, my almost 5 year old, really needs a day outside. But today it rains so he has played with playdough we made yesterday. A box and some of his smaller baby blankets have become a "house". He patiently waits for the paint to dry on an oatmeal box that he plans to make into a "truck".

Life is going to get busy again. Tristan starts his welding class again. Mark's concert season begins soon. Sugaring season is slow to start but we will be busy with it soon. And the garden will have to planted soon enough. Adaptations to our schedule; because we have one car and gas is getting expensive, means that we will spend a little more time away from home to minimize the trips we make in and out of town.

So for today, I sit with a cuppa tea enjoying the rhythm of my home and celebrate the small sprout of swiss chard that has poked through the soil.


Alla said...

Enjoy the moment. Sometimes it just takes THINGS to slow us down and we need it. It sounds very peaceful and relaxing at your house.

Wendy said...

Sounds like heaven! When I envision my ideal life, it's that - all of us home, working on whatever simple projects, but together and here.

Sounds like a beautiful day - in spite of the sickness ;).

Hope you feel better soon and are back on your feet and pain free ;).

Wendy said...

I always love any excuse to hunker down at home. We love popcorn with nutritional yeast, too. Hope you're all feeling better soon!

cargillwitch said...

swiss chard? oh the envy!
It was still about minus 12 to 15 here today. A long wait for ANYTHING sprouting.