Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Preserving 2011


  • Apple Dehydrated 2 quarts
  • Apple sauce 10 quarts
  • Beans frozen, 9 quarts
  • Beans, Dilly 14 quarts 2 pints
  • Blackberries, wild, frozen 1 quart
  • Blueberries frozen 7 quarts
  • Blueberry syrup 6 half pints
  • Broccoli frozen 36 quarts
  • Carrots Pickled 4 quarts
  • chive blossom vinegar 4 pint
  • Corn frozen 3 quarts
  • Dandelion greens dehydrated 1 pint
  • Dandelion/Peach wine 1 gallon
  • Garlic Heads 84
  • Garlic Scapes dehydrated 1 pint
  • Maple Syrup 1 gallon, 3 quart, 3 pints
  • onions, dehydrated, 2 quarts
  • Oregano dehydrated 1 quart 1 pint
  • Peach Salsa 9 pints
  • Peas, shelled, frozen 19 quarts
  • Raspberries cultivated, frozen 4 quarts
  • Raspberries wild, frozen 1 quart
  • Raspberry jam 3 pints 1 half pint
  • Raspberry wine 1 gallon
  • Rhubarb salsa 6 pints
  • Rhubarb Syrup 5 half pints
  • Spinach dehydrated 2 quart
  • Spinach frozen 13 quarts
  • Strawberries, frozen, 4 quarts
  • Strawberry jam 6 pints
  • strawberry wine 1 gallon
  • Tomato puree 9 quarts
  • Tomato Salsa 13 pints
  • Tomatoes, roasted,5 pints
  • yarrow tincture 1 quart

I am taking care of a little blog house work today. This is last years preserve tally. With the sugaring season in full swing it is time to keep a record of this years preserving efforts.


cargillwitch said...

I find it hard to know how much you have preserved as they are all in the old imperial system measurements! But it looks quite productive!
How much is left?

Fleecenik Farm said...

Sadly not much is left. We ate through most of the frozen food by the middle of February. There are still some berries left but not many. There are some jars of apple sauce and a few pickles left. Lots of rhubarb salsa.

The jars I use are Ball and Mason Jars and they are measured imperially.

leaningapplemama said...

How do you freeze your spinach? I think this seems like a great idea but do you just put in bags and throw it in! Your list is impressive. I may have to keep a tally this year!

Fleecenik Farm said...

Leaning Apple, I just throw the spinach in a freezer bag. It holds up pretty well. When I cook I put in a soup or hot dish I can chop it easily while it is still frozen.

I interplant the spinach among my garlic and get a good first harvest of spinach early on. Then I mulch the garlic after the first planting of spinach is spent. Then I plant more spinach later in August for a September Harvest.

We love spinach.