Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Independence Days Challenge

So this is where we are ...the inbetween. Yes one word. Inbetween. Two words smooshed together to connote the Nearly-there-but-not-yet feel that is our lives. We have a pedestal for the new tub built. But it needs another coat of paint. We have a new propane cookstove but it will be delivered on Saturday. We are working here and we are working there...

So my update will be quick..

Plant: transplanted Evening Primrose, comfrey, rose, lemon balm...

Harvested: Basil, carrots, garlic, onions, black berries

Preserve: dilly beans, frozen beans, peach salsa, dehydrated peaches, frozen blackberries, garlic, dehydrated onions. I am sure there is more but I can not remember. I did make sure to add it to my growing list to the right.

Local Foods: I went to my new farmer's market. Bought fixings for salad. I asked about local food buying clubs and found out about a local food coop that meets at a local grange hall that uses Crown of Maine as one source of its food. I plan to buy a CSA Share at the farmer's market this coming Friday

Eat the food: Can one really eat enough salad?

Waste not: yes we are moving poo. I am adding composted sheep poo to the sheet mulching I am using for transplanting perennials. More and More stuff to the thrift store...YAY!

Want not: We don't watch a lot of TV but we do like a movie or 2 on the computer. We may not be able to get DSL at our new home. As a result we find ourselves spending quiet evenings knitting, reading, in deep conversation and playing cards. It may mean that my posting on this site may change a bit. But that remains to be seen. I love the practice of writing for this space and would not like to see it go. We are exploring options. I have begun to start knitting gifts for winter.

Well, we will be away for a few days and I hope to post again early next week...

Tis nearly there..

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