Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Business..harrumph, mumble mumble...

Well, I am sorry but I am going to have to moderate comments again...I've been getting some funky comments..I'll moderate for a while and see if I can stop being spammed.

I value all your comments. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Also, Life is getting pretty busy. I have started my farm job, we are starting to move things and get some things set up at the new house. So posting might be light. I am going to continue with the Independence days challenge updates and my "This moment". But my plate is really full right now.

Thanks, Karin


Wendy said...

I have been getting some pretty funky comments, too - all in Chinese characters with links in the dots after the "comment", which is usually nothing to do with the content of my post. I delete them, but it's a hassle. I've been contemplating moderating comments, too.

Enjoy your busy-ness ;).

Ellen said...

I always wonder what possesses these people.
Good luck with the job and the move!
Looking forward to pictures and posts. :)

Chile said...

I used to hate to have to moderate comments. Now I'd never go back. It has eliminated most spam and it also provides a way for people to get in touch with me discretely (since I don't list my email addy in an obvious way). In fact, family left me a comment to call to learn about a death when no-one could find my new phone number. I just deleted the comment before publishing and got in touch by phone.

PS: Ellen, these people are possessed by either a desire to cause trouble or a desire to make money.