Monday, February 8, 2010

A Two-fer: One small change and food Friday but really Monday

Well, I am into the first week of my February One Small Change. For this month, I am trying to have my propane oven do double duty. This part of the challenge has been a little more challenging. Last Tuesday, I made bread and my intention was to make a quick bread that could share the oven. But I didn't get the bread started until later in the day and by the time the bread was on it's second rising, I was in the middle of making dinner and know how it goes...the phone rings, the wee one has his witching hour and the best laid plans of moms and bakers ...

But as the week went on I was able to think about this and plan a little better. I made a curried squash soup this week. I steamed the squash in my dutch oven all day on the wood stove so that it was ready to puree when I was making dinner. I made some apple bread this weekend and made a double batch. I made a double batch of bread yesterday. While the bread was baking I threw 4 potatoes in there to bake. Teen cooks one meal a week and his favorite recipe right now is twice baked potatoes; so they will be pre-baked and make his prep time halved.

As for a promised menu from the week, I wasn't very diligent with keeping track of it all so I will give you a run down for the weekend and then share some more from this week on Friday.

Friday dinner: Roasted local chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli

Saturday breakfast: Toast with homemade jam, yogurt with frozen berries

Lunch: leftover squash soup and left over broccoli.

Dinner: Chicken enchiladas with garlic, corn, rhubarb salsa and shredded local carrots.

Sunday breakfast: Apple bread and eggs.

Lunch: grilled cheese sandwiches and applesauce.

Dinner: Chicken soup with dehydrated zucchini, pureed carrot, pureed tomato, local mushrooms, garlic, dill, and frozen green beans. Bread and Cheese.

I also canned 2 quarts of chicken stock for later use using Sally Fallon's Nourishing Traditions recipe where she adds lemon juice ( or vinegar) to help draw out all those healthy minerals from the bones.

This coming week I would like to share some of my favorite low-tech kitchen tools and I will have another menu list from this coming week.

I also would like to share the rug I was crocheting this weekend. Worked up in record time! A little obsession is a good thing right? I am very pleased with it and think I will definitely make another but it is tough work on the hands so I will return to some finer knitting.


Wendy said...

I love the rug. It's gorgeous. I've been thinking about a braided rug, but I haven't attempted it, yet. Now would be the time, wouldn't it - while we're still cooped up in the house? :)

Sounds like you're doing really well on the challenge. That's a hard one. I was actually thinking of you the other day when I was starting dinner, and rather than use the (electric) stove top, I decided to cook on the woodstove ;).

farmama said...

ha! so funny that you had a bit of a rug obsession this weekend too! Wow Karin! came out gorgeous! I agree that it's hard on the hands....well worth it though to get something so beautiful in the end!
sending love,

Polar Bear and The Dodger said...

that rug is just lovely. nice work.

Lisa said...

My daughter Fauna and I LOVE the rug. Gorgeous and LOVE the colors.

Hopewell said...

Everything sounds delish! I hope your husband's job works out. Our schools are almost without art and music. Still have a part-timer for music and some sort of union-approved "position" for so sad. Amazing that they can't ever cut a coach.....