Thursday, December 31, 2009

More homemade Christmas...

Handknit socks for teen. There was an appreciaitve oh! when he put them on and then he wore them three days straight. His birthday is this month so I will make him another pair and maybe they won't be so ripe when they hit the laundry basket;)
I made this pencil case for the teen. He is an aspiring artist. His pencils were kept in a tin. I thought that if he had the case he could take them with his sketch book when he goes for wanders.
I made a couple of draft snakes for my aunt and my friend Louise. These were very fun to make. I used scraps of fabric I had in my stash.
This was the best handmade Christmas present. The wee one and I found this wooden truck at the GoodWill last spring. It was dirty, its bumper looked like a dog had chewed it and it was missing its back wheels. All summer and fall it sat on Hubby's work bench. Hubby wanted to fix it up for him but time and circumstance conspired to keep it gathering dust on the bench. Hubby has had 2 weeks off. His first weekend home he set to work planning how to revitalize this great truck. Hubby worked on the wheels and worried that wee one would care about the difference in wheels. I assured him that he will be so happy that his dad fixed the truck for him that he will not care about the particular wheels. Wee one was VERY happy.


Anonymous said...

Love the truck!!! what a neat gift..
I had to chuckle about the ripe socks
Wishing you many blessings for the new year

Kathy said...

I think you may have to knit two or three pair if you want to keep him from ripening his socks! Love the truck. And as the new owner of a draft snake I will tell your readers it is fun to look at, smells really nice and serves a very useful purpose!

gardenofsimple said...

hi there! Found your blog through comments over at Soulemama and I had to take a minute to comment on the couple of handmade Christmas posts you have! I have an almost teen and I find going handmade is harder and harder, and I don't often come across blogs on crafting for teen boys, so that's so nice to see! :) AND the thrifted wagon - yay! We did a thrifted kitchen set for Christmas for our youngest, and I know so many people who aren't comfortable with thrift gifts, so that's nice to see too.

So just a hello and I was inspired to comment :D