Friday, October 23, 2009

Eating the Food

Hubby is bringing home dinner tonight. Sadly, dinner is burritos. What makes burritos sad? Well, our friend Chuck has a burrito shop in Farmington. It has been a life dream of his to have a small business. His menu is simple; burritos or quesadillas, your choices of fillings. I am very partial to the chicken burritos. He has a funky little shop, a great groove to the place, every thing is a "green" as can be managed for food service but there is some serious green missing in the till. So, he is closing the shop before he has too big a hole to dig out of. So sadly, this will be the last burritos from his shop that hubby will bring home.

In the meanwhile, I have a soup simmering on the stove. Tomorrow will be a rainy day and this soup will be our dinner tomorrow night. Which kinda had me thinkin'...

Katie over at Two Frog Home has a personal challenge she has given herself. She will be eating only from food storage, with the only food purchases made consisting of perishables. We were able to manage something similar last year. There were many weeks when we only bought eggs, milk, butter and cheese. We will try to accomplish this again this year.We don't have a pig to fill the freezer this year but the Farmer's Market convenes once a month so we will buy our meat there once a month. Food storage management involves eating the food and replenishing it. After all what is the point of putting up all this food if we are not going to eat it?

So, this is what I am thinking....At the beginning of each week I will post our grocery list. This is more in order to keep me honest. Writing a grocery list and sticking to it helps to keep the grocery budget down. It involves planning as opposed shopping on a whim. At the end of the week I will post our menu for the week. I will follow this challenge from November 1st until March 31. It is my hope to share recipes with you. I also hope that you, kind reader, feel free to share recipes in the comments section.

The soup on the stove is a Thai squash soup. I baked 2 buttercup squash in the oven for an hour. Scooped out the innards into my handy dandy food mill, added 1 quart of chicken stock (from preserving sanity) added one can of coconut milk and about a tablespoon of curry paste, salt to taste and about a cup of unsweetened coconut toasted. I will serve this with a brown rice pilaf of ginger, raisins, apples and kale.

So what's for suppa?


Wendy said...

What a bummer about the burrito place. His place is exactly the kind of restaurant I would patronize ... and I love burritos! I haven't found anything comparable in my neck of the woods, although we have lots of "local" pizza and Asian food.

Sidonie said...

About the food storage diet....we are trying to get there as well. We have a pretty extensive storage, and are now restructuring our storage to be at least 50% of what we consume, though we do raise all our own meat, have a jersey cow, and still need to buy eggs, as our chicken have given up laying. We still purchase some of our bread, organic corn tortillas, and additional veggies/fruit that we cant produce from the garden, the green house, or the wildcrafting. The grocery budget is now less than half what we were spending, and we invest about 100.00 a month into increasing the food storage. This year we are purchasing 10 lb cases of wild caught salmon and smoking/salting to preserve, then store in Foodsaver bags. We are also about half done with the new 10x12 walk in root cellar...kudos to your family for their efforts to lower their impact on our world...namaste