Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Independence Day Challenge Year 2, The 15th week

Posting will be light over the next week. We will be going away for an extended weekend to visit family. We did not feel as though we could make this trip earlier because there was so much to do. But we have managed to cross a few items off the to-do list and need to take a break. Hubby starts school soon after we arrive home:( This was a short summer.

Snails pace, baby steps seem to be the modus operandi these days. We have a sign in our yard now. But no one has viewed it yet. We have had someone look at our land for sale; but although she expressed great interest she has not made an offer yet. Sigh..hurry up and waint... There are decisions about my employment and housing that we just can't make right now...ahh limbo...

The big green sweater is nearly done but some of it will have to unravelled ( frogged) because stitch count is off significantly.

Stops and starts..

So what is a homesteader to do? Well, there is always food preservation.

Plant: Spinach and broccoli..yippee!

Harvest: rutabaga, zucchini, cucumber, oregano, mint, calendula, basil, dill, carrots,kale, comfrey, garlic, onions

Preserved: pickled carrots, dilly beans, soup carrots, blueberry jam, blueberry wine, frozen blueberries, frozen broccoli, dehydrated kale, 120 heads of garlic, garlic saved for seed, garlic saved for pickling, onions, dehydrated onions, dried comfrey.

Managed Reserves/ prepped: bought cheap vodka for tinctures, bought several boxes of canning lids, ordered on cord of seasoned firewood and one cord of green. SEriously weeded the garden.

Local foods: farmers market, local blueberry farmer, a friend told me of a free place to pick blueberries so we will be checking that out when we return.

Eat the food: cucumbers, zucchini, roasted root veggies

Waste not: We burned old wood in our outside cookstove when I had my canning day and when hubby made a batch of beer.

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