Monday, October 13, 2008

Independence Day Challenge

Well, I am dizzy with the world these days.  How about you? I've been following a couple of blogs that have been working a 21 day challenge.  The first is Wendy at "Home is." and the originator of the challenge Verde at "Justice Deserts".  The challenge was an exercise to see how prepared or how one could get prepared  in 21 days.  The challenge was good because it was good to evaluate areas in the home that I have been working on.  It was good because I took at look at what we have been doing here and  if TSHTF tomorrow we would be okay. We have water, food stored, could manage our own waste, community  that we are connected with, plenty of back up for lighting ( flashlights, oil lamps and oil), we have some seed saved and stored for next season, clothes for the growing folks in several sizes, we have 3 cord of wood and access to more that we will be harvesting this fall.

Ideally, it would be great if we could build a cash reserve for the home.  But car repairs have put a crimp on extras for a while. So, while I can, I have begun a found money  policy in the home.  We have rolled our coinage and stashed it away, there is a small change jar that keeps money found in the bottom of the washing machine, and I am taking any ones and fives that I might have at the end of the day and building a rainy day fund.  Depression era thinking? Yeah sure.  But even though the stock market is up 8% today the long term effect of the last month suggest that we, as a nation, are in for hard times.  A lot of money has been thrown at this disaster. Money that will either come out of our pockets through taxation or inflation.  The banks may have been saved but at the expense the wider economy.  That is you and me.

So thanks to the IDC ,I feel like Verdes 21 days to Collapse challenge , had me pretty well prepared.  So onward and upward.

Planted: winter rye

harvested: soybeans, turnip, spinach, carrots, apples

preserved: apple chips,froze spinach, shelled soybeans for fodder for our chickens this winter.

Managed reserves: turned one pile of compost made another pile, raked leaves for another pile next week, stacked wood, began found money endeavor at home, feeding my little worms in the indoor composter.  They are hard at work.  I hope to have my seed starting mix from these guys.

Prepped: found a comforter for the wee one's bed at the Goodwill.  Maybe now he will stay in his bed at night.  Hubby started another batch of beer.

Local foods:  Went to farmers market.  A neighbor gave us a bucket of apples he picked from a friend's three trees. Some are put aside for the piggie and the rest I will make some more sauce with.  For his kindness ( he is the very generous neighbor who is letting us cut wood on his lot) I gave him a  jug and airlock so he could make some apple wine.  I found some of the one gallon jugs at the Goodwill this summer.

cooked something new:  I made a very yummy pumpkin soup  with leeks, potatoes, corn from our garden and sausage from the farmers market. Homemade oatmeal bread on the side.

learned something new:  I have learned to be humble.  It has been 7 years since my last serious M.S. exacerbation.  This weekend I have been riding the steroid train and riding coach on the couch.  It is easy to forget that I have some limits that others don't; when I have been so strong and healthy for so long.  Ah well...most of the canning is done and all hands are on deck to help me get the garden  ready for winter.  Time to focus on replenishment  and health.

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