Thursday, October 30, 2008

Independence Day Challenge a little late

Busy Busy Busy....I look forward to January.  I love hibernation.  It is when I get the house organized and deep cleaned.  It is when I daydream over seed catalogues, learn something new and read, knit, read, knit and read some more. Snowshoeing, shoveling and slow cooking stews on the woodstove.  But for a while longer I am busy. 

Busy catching up on those things that I could not get to when I was under the weather.  Busy putting the garden to bed.  Busy machine knitting for the few craft fairs I will be doing this holiday season.  Busy with Sunday school and youth group stuff. Sigh...Yes January....

Plant: finished planting the garlic.  Approximately 150 bulbs were planted most of that was from seed I saved from this years crop.  

Harvested:carrots, kale and spinach

preserved: 7 quarts of carrots prepared for soups.

prepped:  I went to the Goodwill and found more canning jars, long underwear for the wee one in a larger size.  Stocked up on olive oil, honey,peanut butter, organic noodles.  I found some cordoroy fabric at the Goodwill that I will use for making myself a skirt and making the wee one some overalls.

managed reserves: working to finish putting the garden to bed.

local food systems:  a neighbor gave us a bushel of organic beets.  I have been sharing them with a few folks and need to figure out what to do with the rest.  I already have all the pickled beets we could eat for a year.  I might can some to serve with roasted root veggies.  Any ideas are welcomed.  Made yogurt and kefir from local milk.

reduced waste:  I am really grooving on the little worms in the bin in my bathroom.  I will not have to corral all the food scraps around the compost bin after the spring thaw.

cooked something new: kefir.  It wasn't a big hit. I might try it again and ferment it for fewer hours.  It was too sour.

learned something new: researched ways of making patch work clothing.

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