Monday, July 30, 2012

Time to Make Some Lists

Mark and Evan left early this morning to go for a bike ride down to the river. They plan to do some fishing and swimming. Tristan will probably head to the smithy this morning. This means that I am left to my own devices for a couple of hours. 

This time of year there seems so much to do. The garden is putting out some good food but the weeds are taking over. The inside of the house seems to be in a constant state of near disaster. It is a very small home and this time of year there seems no good way to keep it tidy for very long periods of time.

Now that we are nearing the end of July our thoughts are stretching toward the fall. Mark has decided to teach for one more year while he builds the performance part of his small business. He has been performing a lot this summer. June had 6 gigs and July has had as many.  He is now scheduling into September. I may be watching a friend's son for the school year as she heads back to work.  Evan begins 1st grade as a homeschooler. Tristan is beginning college prep this fall as he starts looking at art schools where he can grow his blacksmithing skills.

Meanwhile the work of home still beckons.  The work of the season is really upon us and I think it is time that I make some lists. When those things that need to be done are put in a nice orderly way they do not seem so overwhelming.

To-do List;


Till the soil in the cold frame, amend the soil and figure out the lights for it.
Go blueberry picking at the U-pick.
Process those berries.
Buy sweet corn at the feed store. 5 dozen for 28.00.
Process the corn.
prepare empty spots in garden for spinach.
order meat birds
upgrade and improve security of chicken tractor
turn the compost pile
put a cedar post in the ground to hang bird feeders from.
weed and put down more mulch

Start tackling each room with the aim of decluttering, de-spidering
Make an insulated curtain for our bedroom's sliding glass door
Finish the last bit of painting in Evan's room
organize cold room for fall crop storage, make a cinder block shelf behind the door for added storage.
I think I would like to find either a new shelf or cabinet for the kitchen to try to get a little more organized.

Make some draft snakes
finish Mark's new sweater
new sweater for Mark
finish the nieces's and nephew's birthday hats.
Make myself a new apron, I am inspired by this beauty!

Well, phew this seems enough for now.

So what is on your to-do list?

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