Thursday, December 22, 2011

I'm still here!

Well, alas, the computer has really gone caput! We hope to have a working replacement soon, we hope. But while the computer has been dead the homesteading and living lightly is still taking place. I thought I would jut catch up on all that we have been doing since the last time I posted.

  • We grew and harvested 14 broiler chicks. It was the first time we did chicks like this. I think we still have a bit to learn about them. Most of the birds weighed out between 3 and 4 pounds. They averages about 3.00 a pound. Next time we would like to find a breed that will forage better. WE did build them a lovely hillbilly chicken tractor. Constructed from scrap wood we had lying around. I challenged my own carpentry skills and built most of it myself.

  • The garden was so-so. New soil needs some more ammending but I did put it to bed this fall with lots of good compost and lime. Rutabaga was the wonder crop this year. Tomatoes were blighted again.

  • We have a Mercedes diesel/ veggie oil car. Mark is working out the kinks but we should be able to defray our gas costs once it is all up and going.

  • Tristan has a job as a blacksmith at a living history museum in New York state. My little bird is getting to leave the nest.

  • Evan is homeschooling. We found a great group of families to support this effort. Everyone in the group lives close to the land.

  • Mark is considering leaving music education and pursuing his music career. In order to do this we are worling with the Book, Your oney or Your Life.

  • The orchard put out more apple than we knew what to do with so, our to-do list includes DIY cider press this year.

  • I've made most of my Christmas gifts this year and I am done. No late knit sewing and knitting. What an amazingly realaxing feeling.

  • I taught two knitting classes at adult ed this fall. It was wonderful and I plan to teach a couple more this spring.

Well, that seems like a pretty fulfilling life. I hope you all have a great Holiday Season!

Blessings, Karin


Angled Repose said...

Glad to have an update. I hope you get a computer for Christmas so we'll have the pleasure of reading your blog more often. Happy Holidays.

Wendy said...

So glad to have an update. We've been thinking about you all, and hoping all's well.

Ellen said...

So happy to read your update! I hope you have a lovely holiday season.