Friday, July 29, 2011

Still among the bloggin' sorta

So, our hard drive on our laptop crashed which is why this space has been so silent. We are still trying to retrieve and recover. In the meantime, I have been very busy in the homestead. I hope to have and Independence Days Challenge update soon.

I don't delve into politics much on this blog. I know that I have readers with many different points of view here which is why I love that we can meet on common ground here; growing good food, living sustainalbly and trying to be self suffiecient is not a blue or red ideal. But I would like to share my simple observation abou the current debt limit craziness that is occuring in D. C.

Elected officials should do what they were elcted to do. GOVERN. That the fate of every American's livelyhood hangs on whether a few well paid ( over paid) politicians will compromise or not is utterly unnecessary and negligent on their part.

This being said, it is a good time to review areas in you home that ensure preparedness. Hurricane season is about to begin, if the debt limit is not raised the price of fuel will skyrocket, food prices will increase even more than they have. Are there projects that will increase energy efficiency in you home that will cushion any rises in fuel costs? Now would be the time to work on these.

I could just be hitting panic mode here. When I panic I plan...not a bad coping mechanism maybe. If they limit is not raised we will all know what hard times are. I hope someone (actually a few of those knuckleheads) find the courage to do...oh I don't know... their job.


Kelly said...

How about no pay checks, health insurance, spa for the fat cats till they get this resolved. I had to pay $70 for a script for my grand daughter while she was visiting because her insurance wasn't accepted in Maine. I agree whole heartedly.

cargillwitch said...

I really feel badly for all of you living in the States right now! Not a great place to be.
Keeping growing that healthy food and making sure you can ride out a " financial storm" should you have another.

Kathy said...

I stay out of politics on my blog (when I am not neglecting it) as well.

But this debt ceiling has many of us a little bit crazed and I think, like you, that it has quite a bit to do with our elected officials not appreciating what it is the American people have GIVEN them ... a job.

A job they applied for, campaigned for and in some instances, hard won.

So, I have to ask them, "Why can't you just do your dammed job like the rest of us have to?"

That's my rant for today. Keep gardening ... it helps. :)

katerowbot said...

preach it, sister. if the debt ceiling isn't raised by august 2, the hard times we will all experience might be a wake up call for the harder times that are sure to come as oil supplies dwindle and prices rise.