Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Plant-A-Row Challenge. April update at few days late

Sorry for the silence in this space. Life got a little crazy around here but hopefully it will return to it usual pace soon.

April's plant-a-row challenge was to make some decisions about what crops you would like to plant. Our local cooperative extension suggested that growers plant crops that would not perish quickly. Good keepers in other words. Crops such as onions, winter squashes, potatoes. I plan to grow a good row of onions. I also think that I will plant a row of Buttercup squash. I have more exotic squash for my own garden but I thought I would make sure that I donate something familiar for the folks that would be eating the squash.

For May's challenge I thought it would be good to think about the seeds we are using. This time of year we are all busy putting them in the ground. Sometimes there are a few leftover;either because we don't have enough room to plant a whole seed packet or really we only need a couple of zucchini plants. Seeds are potential food. In our county there is a group of folks that will provide seed to low income families so that they may grow some of their own food. Is there something like this where you live? Is there someone you know that could use a few more lettuce seeds? Can you freecycle some seeds? If you don't have seeds but a few extra seedlings is there someone you can share with?

I think of gardening as a way of building community. Given the rapid increase in commodity prices, folks living on the margins are really feeling the pinch. So we plant our rows. But another way to weather the storm of tough times is to build community with our neighbors. So this month's challenge leaves it up to you to decide which circle you would like to give your spare seeds to. Your closer circle of neighbors and friends or the larger circle of your community.

It is never too late to join the challenge. In March we researched organizations that accept garden produce. April we chose our crops. If you would like to join the challenge please leave a comment. If you would like to leave an update please leave a comment or link to your own blog update.

Happy planting!


LindaM said...

I have a question: did you ever make a blog button?
I haven't announced this yet on my blog because we haven't started planting yet and I'm barely organized at this time, but I am still committed.
I'm definately growing potatoes for this challenge and butternut squash as well as beets.

Fleecenik Farm said...

Linda I haven't made the blog button yet. I did not have a good photo to use at the time. I hope to get my act together soon.

cargillwitch said...

I joined an organic seed saving co-op this winter for our farm. I am really excited about this project and having local sourced seed for next year( plus learning the proper process for successfully saving good quality seed!)
I also run a community gardening project at my workplace for clients and their families. I am very happy to say we have donated seed from a local organic CSA each year to keep costs down .

Robj98168 said...

I planted a sqaure of Carrots. I got the seeds from Ed Hume Seed Co. they send them out just for that purpose (Plant a Row). I do have a blog button I made while waiting for yours.