Friday, November 19, 2010

Weeks Mills Road

Late autumn days. I drive my car down back country roads. The leaves have fallen from the trees which has allowed the landscape to open up and reveal small cabins tucked away in the woods. The grass has faded from the vibrant green created by heavy rains to the dormant fade of green and brown. But still there are cows grazing on pasture on these last few blessedwarm, sunny days.

This road rises up to follow the contour of the foothills but off in the distance I can see the mountains. I could take the main route home. Follow the river home. But I choose this back road home because of its simple beauty. Old farm houses, wide open hay fields, wooded hollows and grand views. A little music on the radio, the momentary slowing as a tractor pulls a hay laden trailer behind it; the speed limit is 45mph but the road requires you to slow and enjoy the ride.

It would be easy for my thoughts to travel to the to-do list. Outside chores still beckon. The orchard needs to be cleaned of dropped apples and leaves to prevent apple scab. The handmade Christmas list needs to be completed and those plans need to implemented. Phone calls need to be made. Wood needs to be stacked. Photos for the etsy shop need to be taken and the question of internet access needs to answered.

But for this moment, in the car, traveling this road, I just follow where it leads me.

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Kathy said...

I love this road. Love it. It will now be the road I must travel whenever I head in or out of your area.