Monday, November 30, 2009


I am vaguely aware of hubby leaving for work this morning. I see the light on in the kitchen, hear his puttering. He leaves for the week after a nice five day stretch at home. We were grateful for the time together.

Next to me in bed is the wee one. Heat seeking he snuggles in close, whenever I move he fills in the empty space I leave behind. Outside, rain falls hard on the metal roof. I hear hubby drive off in the car. I laze in bed for a few minutes breathing in the scent of the wee one and listen to his sleepy breath. I climb over his body, get dressed, open the vents on the woodstove and put the kettle on for coffee. In this silence, I listen to the cats get their morning frisk on.

Life was so quiet and content over the last few days that any awareness of what is happening on the 6 o'clock news faded in the background. We feasted, visited with friends, took care of some chores, we gathered in fellowship and we ate turkey in all its incarnations.

This rainy day is a pleasant surprise. Outside plans will have to wait a day. We will cut snowflakes out of paper for our windows today. I will finish up some knitting projects and take care of some chores...

From the other room I hear a sleepy voice call out,"Momma come in here". We take a few minutes to snuggle before beginning the day.


Anonymous said...

What a cozy comfy morning.. wish I had a wood stove to toast my feet at.
Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too..

Peg said...

I love cosy mornings...especially with my little ones too. Lovely post.

Wendy said...

And here I was thinking how much this rain is *not* welcome, because I wanted to hang out a load of laundry, but in retrospect, I guess it's not so bad :).

Happy cozy day!

Witchy Mom's Homeschool said...

Simply perfect and beautiful.

Robj98168 said...

Mmmmm.... Comfy

Kathy said...

I am so there!