Monday, April 13, 2009

To do list

I need a kick in the pants.  I can't believe I am going to write this but...I was really groovin' on the winter mindset.  After 3 winters in the country, with long stretches at home, I had finally found the quiet of winter to be restorative.  I've fed some creativity this winter.  I've spent some nice quiet time with the kids.  I've found some community/ and woman's camaraderie with my knitting group.  

Now it is spring and the work of the outdoors beckons.  Don't get me wrong,  I have spent some time out in the garden this past week.  It feels great to use those muscles that have been dormant for the last few months.  The wee one spent a long time in his sandbox the other day while I built up hugelkulture; a milestone that will make the work of the coming season easier.  I am thrilled to have more daylight.  I still marvel at the garlic sprouts hidden under mulch...just like a Christmas surprise.  I can spend long minutes wandering the garden with plans and revised plans in my mind.

But today...I just wanna sit by the woodstove and knit.....

So I need to make a to-do list:

Finish starting seeds indoors and hang up a second grow lamp.  The kids will help me with this.

Hang laundry outside. It is pretty windy out there they should dry quickly.

Make bread and plan on lunches for Tuesday.  I have errands to run in Bangor tomorrow and work at the bookstore, so I will pack lunches.  It will save us some money.  If the weather is nice we  can have a picnic.

Finish cleaning up the yard.  There is still a lot of snow in the back yard but I can get the rest of the beds cleaned up, put some snow shovels away ( because it is Spring right?)

That is enough for the day.  But for the week I need to:

Spread compost over a part of the garden I am going to sheet mulch.

Finish transplanting herbs

Clean out the front corner of the sunroom. We are going to replace the front door and big windows in the front of the house. It will be more efficient.  A friend from church is coming by next week to give us an estimate on the job.

We have family coming for a visit in a couple of weeks so a good excuse to get some deep cleaning done.

Help teen get his art work ready for his opening at a local artisan coop.

Well....better get to work...


Pat aka Posh said...

Oh my, you sound so organized and here I sit in front of my puter watching time tick away..
Maybe I should make a 'to do' list.. maybe it'll get me off my butt.

Anna M said...

Goodness, your day sounds so much like mine! The laundry is already hanging, the bread sponge is about ready to add in the rest of the flour and I plan to plant seedlings this afternoon. Tis the season!

suna said...

I have similar to do list. good luck with yours

Fleecenik Farm said...

WEll, it is just too windy to get the yard work done. Everything keeps blowing away. so I made a Banana bread today. Got a large amount of laundry done because it dried really quickly on the line. Some of the deep cleaning happened. The boys are helping with the seeds and hubby can help me with the grow light.

I think I have earned my "mom" time tongiht!

English Animist said...

Great idea. My only problem is that my list will be different based on whether I decide to sell the house or not.

Maybe instead of feeling in limbo I should start a list of things I want/need to do whether in this house or not.

Thanks for the inspiration.

Kathy said...

Well, I hope you've accomplished all you've set out to do. That's one busy to do list. ;)